Missional Formation Coaching

Our founder, Greg Goebel, offers Missional Formation Coaching for pastors and leaders.

He is an Anglican priest with over two decades of ministry experience and is also a certified professional coach. LeaderWorks has provided a generous scholarship for Anglican Solo Pastors and new leaders.

Contact Greg at greg@pastorcoach.net for a free consultation to see if this is a fit for you!


“Canon Greg has been a tremendous asset to our diocese and has served us well in leading and coordinating ministry for clergy, new clergy, and prospective clergy.” Archbishop Foley Beach, Anglican Church in North America

“Greg Goebel has helped me think through and address conflicts and important decisions in my life and ministry. I appreciate his encouragement and wisdom.” Tish Harrison Warren, Pastor and Author of Liturgy of the Ordinary

“Greg has a kind and easygoing demeanor that makes it easy to talk with him about whatever concerns you may have.” Francis, Boston

“Greg cares about developing pastors, not merely as professionals, but as people.” Andrew, Tuscaloosa

“Greg helped me when I was feeling incredibly burned out and discouraged in ministry. He actively listened, empathized, and helped me find ways to take care of myself both personally and ministerially.” Rebecca, Tuscaloosa

“Greg been invaluable to me in my own pastoral leadership.” Jack, Knoxville

“Each member of our group contributed to the atmosphere and tone set by Greg: one of mutual understanding, listening, and respect, providing a safe environment in which to share burdens, concerns, and life goals.” Group Member

What is the Missional Formation Coaching Model?

“More than ever before, missional leaders need help to be able to navigate the changes and challenges of the chaotic world we live in. Rooted in Scripture and the history of the church, Bevins and Dunwoody have written a deeply spiritual and timely resource that will help leaders thrive by promoting healthy rhythms of spiritual and missional practices. Read it and put it into practice! ”Alan Hirsch, Author and Activist, alanhirsch.org

“Missional Formation Coaching is a vital and much-needed resource for church planters because church planting is one of the most demanding disciplines in the church today. Planters often find themselves in unique situations facing unusual challenges, and they need all the help they can get. This important model and the accompanying book is an essential manual for anyone wanting to support church planters and multiply their effectiveness, longevity and health. Read it, digest it, use it!” –Ric ThorpeBishop of Islington

Missional Formation Coaching is a reflective approach to coaching that was designed by Winfield Bevins and Mark Dunwoody to help leaders thrive by promoting healthy rhythms that connect spiritual and missional practices. Here is an overview of the process that we will be using.


Open each coaching session by welcoming the Holy Spirit to come and guide the time together. Pray “Come, Holy Spirit!”


Sharing some things you are thankful for in your life, family, and the church. Identify signs of God’s grace.


Review what is going on in your life and ministry. Reflect on what has happened since the last meeting


Reflect on the areas that you want to focus on during this session.


Resolve what action that you will do before next session.

Want to be trained in Missional Formation Coaching?

We offer training that is uniquely designed to train individuals who want to be equipped in the skill set of coaching as a Missional Formation Coach.

This time tested model (and the complimentary Missional Formation Coaching textbook) is essential for anyone wanting to support church planters and multiply their effectiveness, longevity and health. What’s more, in our new norm of working remotely it is a useful tool to ensure all the members of your organization has the same understanding and practice of coaching training that is inspired by Missional Spirituality.

Sign up to be trained as a Missional Formation Coach. 

Sign up to be be trained as a Missional Formation Leader. 

LeaderWorks has generously supported a scholarship fund for Anglican solo pastors and new leaders.

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