Jul 22, 2024 | Dallas, TX

Caedmon Music Conference

The Chapel of the Cross

Lectures and Practical Instruction in:
To inspire, equip, and encourage musicians and clergy who are building music ministries in the Anglican way.

Named after the 7th-century English hymnodist, of whom Bede wrote: “… in this monastery, there was a brother, to whom the gift of song was divinely given,” the Cædmon Church Music Conference exists to promote the continuing music education and mutual encouragement of Anglicans throughout North America, especially those who minister in a traditional, prayerbook context.

Lectures that will help us think of church music in the light of Scripture will be balanced with practical instruction. Daily worship will allow participants to hone skills (in congregational hymnody, Anglican chant, choral anthems, and organ music) as we praise God in and through Jesus Christ. Attendees will leave with new ideas, resources, and skills with which to serve their parishes.

Musicians, pastors, church planters, organists, and choir directors trained and experienced in the Anglican way will help attendees grow in their proficiency and understanding. We will explore the unique patrimony of a classical (prayerbook) approach to Anglican liturgical music and the wonderful opportunities that this tradition offers.