Dear Readers,

Me pretending to talk to people during a photo shoot. Photo by the amazing Richard & Win Norris

Thank you very much for your support! In 2016 you paid for our website costs and supported our social media software.

We couldn’t do this without you.

And now we need your help in taking a new step, and it will cost us just three thousand dollars a year.

We’d like to be able to contract a part-time managing editor to help us manage the day to day. Since our writers and our board are all volunteers, this person would be our project manager. I would still continue as the Editor-in-Chief, but would be freed up to work with new writers, and do my own writing here and there.

Just last week I was visiting a church in North Georgia. A woman there was kind enough to share with me that Anglican Pastor helped her as a new Anglican. We want to continue to be a place where people can learn about the Anglican experience.

But we also want to continue to grow. We would love to provide more content for pastoral ministry, for worship, and for Christian living, all from Anglicans. We’d also love to provide more stories and interviews.

2017 Campaign Snapshot

Goal: $3,000

Purpose: Support our writers and grow to include more writers and expanded content

Plan: Hire a part time managing editor and still cover our basic site costs

All this is difficult without hiring someone to spend 4-6 hours per week helping us keep our stuff together.

Please consider a donation during this campaign! Please see the button below for visit our donations page.

Thank you for your support,
Canon Greg Goebel