“There simply aren’t enough websites like this out there. I look forward to sharing this and other articles with the people of our mission parish.”

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When I was a new Anglican church planter, there were not a lot of websites or books that directly related to Anglicans on mission in my context. Thankfully, I had a great mentor who made some photocopies of articles and chapters of books. 

Sure, there were many news websites. But there were not many mission and ministry sites, and there was no site that explained the tradition in an accessible way. So I started researching and writing. Our first website, Anglican Pastor, came from this experience. Eventually, many other writers joined in the process of sharing our faith in Christ in this way. 

“I am an Anglican Pastor in Rwanda, I was trying to find something that can help us defend who we are and finally got to this website.”

Anglican pastors tell me all the time that they need good, basic articles to share with people that are charitable and clear. They also need articles on mission and ministry that provide good insights and restore their souls as shepherds. They need resources, books that they can read and give away.

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Greg Goebel, Founder and Editor-in-Chief