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It has been about two years since I left my position at Christ Church to begin this new ministry to help other leaders do their work. Many people have asked me why I would do such a thing. My first answer is simple: A Call. I believe that I heard from God. I sensed that it was time to leave the wonderful work in a parish that I loved in order to give back to my peers, a growing cadre of younger leaders, and my Anglican family in North America. 


It has been an amazing journey. God has been faithful. Of that, I am sure. I believe that Christ has been glorified. And, by God’s good grace, I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit open unexpected doors and lead me forward. Even still, through these last two years, I have had the comfort of His Word to teach me and quell my anxious heart. I have come to rely more and more upon the undeniable presence of the Lord Jesus guiding me forward day by day.


Fran is a steady blessing and the most enthusiastic supporter I have. She sees the need in the church and she believes that God has indeed called me to this work. I am always thankful for her encouragement.

And there have been many brothers and sisters in Christ who have seen the great need for this ministry. They have believed in the mission and (I would humbly add) believed in me. They have generously and faithfully supported LeaderWorks. I stand now, looking back over 24 months, with a deep sense of gratitude. And, as much as I can see clearly in the early days of this ministry, I can look forward 3-5 years and I see a great need and great opportunity to advance the cause of Christ.

I have given several reports of my work-to-date over the past two years. But in the past few months, much of the work that we set out to do has been accomplished.

  • I completed my assignment of developing Matthew 25. That work will continue at the Provincial level under the leadership of two great colleagues. Michael Wurschmidt and David Hanke are the perfect leaders for this important movement.
  • Our supportive work with the Liturgy Task Force ended successfully with several webcasts. Did you see them?  They received a great deal of feedback.
  • I was able to lead several pastor groups to the Holy Land. (Clergy, you really don’t know what you are missing until you go!  Come on!) Look at the photos here.
  • My coaching and consultation for Rectors and Vestries have been a great source of learning and development for me and, I pray, for them. I have had the great honor of helping great leaders with their work.  I have made many new friends along the way.
  • Our RSVP groups for Rectors have been amazing too. We are going to see that effort continue and focus on preaching.
  • I finished and published “Giving Up“, my first book on Generosity, which has been well received. It has opened many, many doors.  Have you read it? Leave a review at Amazon. And the follow-up material we have developed to support this teaching is about to find a new place for publishing, as you will read below.

Stay Tuned

Now, things are going to get really interesting in the next few years. We have come to an amazing place with LeaderWorks.

  • Five part-time people are working on various aspects of LeaderWorks all over the country.
  • We have a great partnership with Anglican Pastor gearing up. We are teaming up! I am very excited about that!
  • We have a growing interest in our Rector’s Summit for Vision and Planning [RSVP] movement.
  • And in a few weeks, I’ll be able to announce a very significant partnership with a national body to develop webinars, resources, teaching materials, and a significant engagement with my book, Giving Up. 

The next few years could be amazing!

In every way, though, my hope and desire are still the same. I want to ‘help leaders do their work’.

Stay tuned!

Here are some images from some of the work I’ve done. Do you want more? Go here.

Published on

September 5, 2018


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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