LeaderWorks Update


There are a few important updates for you over at LeaderWorks.

  1. Deadline Cometh:

    If you ever have imagined yourself in the Holy Land walking in the footsteps of the Lord, there is no better time to go than in January of next year. The Pastor’s Tour that I lead is only $1,599 and that is inclusive of nearly everything. The deadline for that price is May 15th. Hurry. There are a few more trips coming up too: Scotland this summer. And a church member trip to Israel next January. It is all on the home page of LeaderWorks.

  2. Tattoo as Art:

    If you were trying to ‘contextualize the gospel’, would you go this far? How Can a Tattoo Reveal More than Skin and Ink ? 

  3. Meet your Colleagues:
    I have loved getting connected to some of the younger leaders we have in the Anglican Church in North America. I’ve interviewed them on video, either in person or via Zoom Meeting. Go to the Interviews tab under LeaderWorks to see them all listed. Damiani, McCain, Warren, Miller, Treichler, and more.  (And if you have an interest in going to Israel, watch the Roni Winter interview there.)
  4. Mercy and Justice:Finally, take note of the website Matthew25i.org.  That is a go-to place for those who care about the ministry among the homeless, needy and forgotten. ACNA is making a big effort in that way. And frankly, the response has been incredible. Sign up for the update there: Matthew25i.org.

  5. LeaderWorks get a Facelift:

    Finally, there is a new look and focus at the site. Come by and click around. I have a bit more work to do on it…but voila, this is the big reveal.

If case you are wavering about taking a Pastor’s Orientation Trip to the Holy Land, take a look at this gallery of photos from our last trip.The experience is a total ‘refreshment and joy in the Lord’. And most every one of the clergy who went with me in January of this year are returning again in the next year with members of their own congregation.



David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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