Here’s a round-up of the latest news and resources from LeaderWorks:

  • The Matthew 25 Initiative held its annual gathering last month. It was a remarkable time among amazing people who serve the lost and least. Read a little of my talk with them.
  • Last year, I wrote a little bit about the liturgical calendar (and, of course, there’s plenty of great stuff on the calendar here at Anglican Pastor). In the article, I introduced ModLit‘s calendars—it’s full of beautiful design that’s illuminated and illuminating. The new calendars are out now.
  • Are you writing an end-of-year appeal letter? I’ve been there. In fact, I just posted a draft of one of those letters, both before and after a fundraiser friend of mine gave me some revisions. Consider it an educational ‘spot-the-differences’ game.
  • You know how important ‘vision’ is in your ministry. Lately, though, I’ve been reflecting on how we can sometimes cast a vision so big and broad that no one can connect. Learn how to frame your vision and engage people.
  • As the Muslim population in America keeps rising, how is your church responding? God has brought an amazing opportunity for evangelism right to our neighborhoods. I had the chance to interview author Abu Daoud on sharing Jesus with Muslims in America—take a look.
  • Our very own Assistant Director Kolby Kerr is posting for Rookie Anglican! He’s in the rotation posting weekly collect reflections. Here’s his first one.
  • LeaderWorks is going to GAFCON! Read how you can join me in Israel this summer.

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