Mini Prayer Books: “Field Guides” to Daily and Family Prayer, by Winfield Bevins


If you’re familiar with Anglican Pastor, you’ve probably seen the Daily Office Booklets I produce in order to make Morning and Evening Prayer more accessible. However, our Daily Office Booklets are (currently) PDFs designed to be printed and assembled at home.

For our readers who are interested in purchasing physical booklets similar to the Daily Office Booklets, I try to pass along great resources as I find them. (Pray Daily by Christ Church in Plano, TX is one of those resources.)


I’m happy to announce that I’ve found two excellent daily prayer resources! The good folks over at Seedbed were kind enough to send me review copies of Field Guide for Daily Prayer and Field Guide for Family Prayer, both written by Anglican Pastor author Winfield Bevins (and his wife, Kay Bevins, who helped write the Family Prayer field guide).

Both of these Field Guides are essentially “mini Prayer Books” for use by individuals and families. They give you the essentials for morning and evening prayer, as well as various prayers that you can use at anytime.

Both booklets can be purchased from Seedbed as single booklets or 10 booklet bundles.

Field Guide for Daily Prayer

The Field Guide for Daily Prayer comes in two sizes, 3”x4.5” and 5”x7”. Personally, I prefer the large size because the print is a bit small in the small size. However, if you’d like to take this with you in a pocket, the small size is the way to go!

Table of Contents

Here’s the table of contents from the large edition.

  • Introduction (p. 5)
  • Daily Prayer (9)
  • Morning Prayer (12)
  • Evening Prayer (18)
  • Various Prayers (24)
  • 30-Day Psalter (35)
  • My Prayer List (39)
  • Notes (45)

In this Field Guide, Bevins first provides an introduction to prayer in general and using written prayers in particular. He then briefly explains the tradition and practice of the Daily Office.

Morning Prayer

Here’s what’s included in Morning Prayer, heading by heading.

  • Opening Verses
  • Confession of Sin
  • The Invitatory
  • The Psalm (see 30-Day Psalter, included at the back of the booklet)
  • The Reading (no lectionary is included with the booklet)
  • The Apostles’ Creed
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Intercession
  • The Collect (“A Collect for Grace”)
  • Benediction

Evening Prayer

Here’s what’s included in Evening Prayer, heading by heading.

  • Opening Verses
  • Confession of Sin
  • The Invitatory
  • The Psalm (again, see the 30-day Psalter)
  • An Evening Prayer (the “Phos hilaron / O gracious light”)
  • A Reading (again, no lectionary provided)
  • The Apostles’ Creed
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Intercession
  • The Collect (“A Collect for the Presence of Christ”)
  • Benediction

Various Prayers

In the next section, Bevins has compiled prayers for various occasions from various sources in contemporary English.

First, there are topical prayers.

  • For confession of sin
  • For the gift of a child
  • For God’s healing
  • For grace at meals
  • For guidance
  • For peace
  • For purity
  • For quiet confidence
  • For a local church
  • For the mission of the church
  • For the renewal of life
  • For self-dedication
  • For those we love
  • For those who mourn

Then, there are historical prayers from the following figures from Church history.

  • Clement of Rome
  • Irenaeus
  • Ambrose of Milan
  • Jerome
  • Chrysostom
  • Augustine
  • Patrick
  • “Old Celtic Prayer”
  • Benedict
  • Columba
  • Aidan
  • Caedman
  • Anselm
  • Francis
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Thomas à Kempis
  • Ignatius Loyola
  • John Wesley

30-Day Psalter

Before providing a standard 30-day Psalter (which Psalms to read in the morning and evening, so that you go through all 150 in 30 days), Bevins provides a brief (2.5 pages in the larger edition) introduction to the importance of the Psalms for the Christian life.

My Prayer List & Notes

Readers are given 6 blank pages (in the larger edition) to use for recording prayer requests, praise reports, etc. There are also 4 blank pages for miscellaneous notes.

Field Guide for Family Prayer

The Field Guide for Family Prayer only comes in the large 5”x7” size. As mentioned above, this field guide was written by Winfield and Kay Bevins.

Table of Contents

Here’s what’s inside the Family Prayer Field Guide.

  • Preface (p. 9)
  • Introduction (13)
  • Table Blessings (17)
  • Morning and Evening Prayer (22)
  • Prayers for Specific Occasions (30)
  • Family Litanies (41)

Preface and Introduction

In the preface for this Field Guide, Kay Bevins offers an honest appraisal of what family prayer looks like in the Bevins household. The introduction offers a brief orientation to the importance of rituals in the “domestic church” of the family home.

Table Blessings

After a brief introduction to the importance of meals around a family table, there are 9 “contemporary” and 8 “traditional” table blessings provided for you to use with your family at meals.

Morning Prayer

Much like the Daily Prayer Field Guide, the Family Prayer guide includes an abbreviated form of Morning Prayer.

  • Moment of Silence
  • Opening Prayer
  • Opening Verses
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Pray for Special Needs
  • The Reading (no lectionary provided)
  • Closing Prayer

Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer includes the same sections as Morning Prayer, although the Opening Prayer, Opening Verses, and Closing Prayer are different and more appropriate for use in the evening.

Prayers for Specific Occasions

The following prayers for children are included.

  • Prayer for Morning
  • God, Hear My Prayer
  • Happy Hearts
  • Bedtime Prayer
  • Before School
  • A Child’s Grace
  • For a Pet

Then, there are the following prayers for various occasions.

  • Birthday
  • Home Blessing
  • The Care of Children
  • The Gift of a Child
  • For Young Persons
  • Graduation Prayer
  • Travel
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Priestly Blessing
  • For Those Who Mourn
  • Joy in God’s Creation
  • Peace among the Nations
  • Agriculture
  • For the Poor and the Neglected
  • For Those We Love
  • For Guidance
  • For Purity
  • For God’s Healing
  • A Prayer for Leisure and Rest

This section concludes with four “traditional prayers.”

  • Old Celtic Prayer
  • A Prayer of Self-Dedication
  • A Prayer Attributed to St. Francis
  • John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer

Family Litanies

I love the idea of using litanies to develop and shape family prayer! As Bevins explains,

“a litany is a form of responsive prayer that has its origins in the Hebrew Scriptures and comes from the Latin word that means ‘supplication.’ … Usually there is an appointed leader who reads the first line and then everyone else responds with saying the italicized line together” (41).

There are four family litanies in all, the last one specifically geared toward thanksgiving.

Bottom Line: Find a Daily Prayer Resource that You Will Actually Use!

These Field Guides to Daily Prayer and Family Prayer might very well be what you’re looking for. They are great resources that could be put to profitable use in a wide variety of situations—from a church service to a child’s bedroom.

When compared to our Daily Office Booklets and Christ Church Plano’s Pray Daily booklet, these Field Guides occupy a nice middle ground in both price and size.

So, if you’d like something a bit sturdier than our print-at-home booklets, but you aren’t ready to spend $16–20 on Pray Daily, give these Field Guides a try!

Or, if you’d like something specifically geared toward use at home with children, the Field Guide to Family Prayer is definitely worth trying out. In that case, you might also be interested in Winfield Bevins’ book Grow at Home: A Beginner’s Guide to Family Discipleship.

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May 29, 2019


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