Just wanted to share the following main sessions from the Anglican Church in North America’s 2019 Provincial Assembly in Plano, TX.

You can also read a recap of Assembly at the ACNA website here.

Opening Eucharist Processional

I’m including this mainly because the music and singing were absolutely spectacular.

Opening Eucharist Sermon: Archbishop Foley Beach

Plenary 1: James Bryan Smith

Note that these plenary address videos contain a fair bit of interview material at the beginning.

Skip to about 47:34 if you’d like to just watch the plenary.

Plenary 2: Russell Moore

Skip to 50:40 for this video.

Plenary 3: Ravi Zacharias

Skip to 56:59 for this video.

Plenary 4: Archbishop Laurent Mbanda

Skip to 46:09 for this video.

Closing Eucharist

You can follow the ACNA’s Youtube channel here.

(Want to learn more about the ACNA’s 2019 Book of Common Prayer?