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I’m working on a book about the Church Year. I would love to share some of our readers’ experiences of observing the Year, both in the home and church. You could share about your first time fasting in Lent, or about reading the Story of Salvation during Easter Vigil, or perhaps your family readings during Advent.

These could be from your childhood, or your first experiences as a new Anglican, or from experiences after many years of practicing the Church Year.  Humorous, reflective, or simply descriptive – all are good.


In order to be able to include your story, I need it to be less than 250 words. But please share as many 100-250 word stories as you can!

Please leave your story in the comments below, or email me at [email protected]! Include your name if you would like to be acknowledged.

Here are some areas I would love to hear about:


  • Lighting the advent candles (church or home)
  • Not singing Christmas Carols during Advent
  • Trying to hold off on celebrating until Christmas season, in a society that doesn’t wait
  • Singing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”
  • St. Nicolas day
  • Advent calendars


  • “Greening” of the church
  • Christmas Eve worship
  • Midnight Mass
  • Singing Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Day eucharist
  • Walking through The Twelve Days of Christmas (home or church)
  • Experiencing Christmas as a Twelve Day Season rather than just one day
  • Gift giving and receiving
  • Christmas Pageants
  • Christmas choral music


  • The Service of Light
  • Three Kings Pageants
  • Bonfires – burning the Christmas trees


  • The imposition of ashes
  • The service of penitence
  • Confession/reconciliation
  • The omission of “alleluia” from the liturgy
  • Fasting, “giving something up”
  • Serving others in need
  • Bible reading


  • Palm Sunday – Procession of the Palms
  • Palm Sunday – Reading of the Passion Narrative
  • Maundy Thursday – The Lord’s Supper
  • Maundy Thursday – footwashing
  • Maundy Thursday – stripping of the altar
  • Good Friday – the reading of the Solemn Collects
  • Good Friday – the starkness of the church
  • Conflicts between the secular calendar and Holy Week (aka Spring Break or Sports Tournaments)


  • Easter Vigil – chanting, incense, the great tintinabulation, candlelight, baptisms, reading of the Story of Salvation (by families or individuals), after parties
  • Easter Day  – sunrise services, the Alleluia, the Acclamation (“The Lord is risen…”), Easter Hymn singing


  • Experiencing Easter as 50 days instead of 1 day
  • Feasting after the Lenten fast


  • Reading of Acts 2 in multiple languages
  • Experiencing the long “ordinary time”


  • Various feast day experiences, learning about past saints and celebrating biblical events


  • Lectionary journeys (stories and passages emphasized during seasons)
  • The experience of the changing colors of the seasons
  • The changing emphasis and tones of each season
  • The sometimes conflict with the secular calendar, or with how seasons are observed outside
  • Personal mourning, grief or sadness during/experienced alongside the seasons
  • Personal joys experienced during/alongside the seasons
  • Confusion in learning how to observe the seasons
  • Personal or family practices to observe the seasons at home

Thanks in advance!

Again, please comment below or email me at [email protected].

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June 27, 2016


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