Clergy Political Activism: When should we get involved?

Churches and clergy are supposed to be politically non-partisan. Sometimes clergy are able to participate in politics as individuals (such as voting), but for the most part, they are to refrain from partisan politics. We serve the King of Kings, and represent his Church, not a particular party. Our mission and calling is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ […]

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How to Pray for the New President

I watched a bit of the Inauguration ceremonies. If our new President wants to Make America Great Again, he started with a whole lot of God and Country patriotism that frankly, was moving to me in a sentimental way. I am a baby-boomer. A child of the 60’s before and […]

Where We Are Going Is Where We Have Been

Where are we heading as the church? In some ways the best map to get there is where we have already been, a very long time ago. The Jesus message spread quickly throughout the culture of the ancient Roman world. When we look closer, we see that it wasn’t because the church was based on the acceptable social norms, nor […]

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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Your Vote

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Ross Douthat depressed me thoroughly with his sobering comments in the New York Times. (Behind a paywall, sadly, but is he really blasting Trump and urging HRC?) In other arenas, solid Christian leaders are falling all over either side of the choice. Some pro-Trump…some, NEVER! Many of these leaders and […]

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How Some Leaders Lead Through This Election

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In the United States, we are enduring one of the longest (it seems) and mean-spirited (it is sure) election seasons imaginable. Politics is on everyone’s mind.  I listened to a news story about a Dallas firm that had asked its employees to NOT discuss politics anymore around the ‘water cooler’. They were not trying to […]

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Spiritual Preparation for Election Day

The third presidential debate is over. Thanks be to God. Both major candidates have made their arguments. Independent and down-ballot candidates have made their case for the presidency, too. American Christians have more than enough information to discern their presidential choice, even if discernment is ongoing and that choice has not yet been made. We’re not impoverished for information; we […]

Pokémon Yes or Pokémon No?

Guest post by Canon Don Shepson, Associate Professor of Youth & Family, Montreat College

My first experience with the game Pokémon Go! came over the past summer, about a week after the game was launched. I found myself reading a news article about it on vacation at a state park while my family swam in the lake. As I downloaded and opened the […]

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The Re-Evangelization of Me

Often when we talk about re-evangelization, we are thinking of the re-evangelization of our nation. We need to reach those outsiders. Those people out there who don’t love God. Of course, I’m okay because I know God loves me, right? We’re the ones who get it!

If re-evangelization means a renewal of the proclamation of the Gospel, the good news, then […]

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Why Faith, Hope, and Love Still Abide

This letter was sent to all clergy in the Diocese of C4SO on Friday afternoon. I thought it was so good that I wanted the readers of my blog to see it. Some of these thoughts are mine, but that is not what make is good. Canon to the Ordinary Kimberley Pfeiler took these remarks and those of Bishop Todd […]
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The World Teetering between Tragedies

Fran and I were at a concert at Fair Park last night enjoying the wry humor of Jim Gaffigan. Toward the end of his performance, a couple in front of us got up abruptly and started to leave. Their movements were sudden and quick; it seemed out of place. I asked the woman, “What’s going on?” She answered with a […]

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What They Are Saying about Freedom, Faith, and our Indepedence

This weekend hundreds of millions of Americans will celebrate the 240th anniversary of our nation’s birth. We should give thanks to God for our country by attending our church on Sunday and praying for our nation, our leaders, and the significant challenges we face.

Here are some inspiring quotes to help you think about our liberties, our freedoms, and our faith.

Happy Fourth of […]

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You Might Be A Church Planter If…

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A seminarian wrote me about a possible call from God to plant a church. He was excited to ask about his potential…what it would take and how he should prepare to undertake the task. He asked, “How could I know if I am a church planter?”

I could not help thinking about how Jeff Foxworthy might handle this moment…

1. […]

When Your Own Words Won’t Do: Orlando

Driving to church yesterday, I caught the news feed on my smartphone out of the corner of my eye.  I clicked the radio on. Shooting. Night Club. Massacre. Orlando. The death tolls was, at that time, about 20. I thought, “…this is like San Bernardino again…this is our own Paris or Brussels…what a tragedy.”

Fifteen minutes later, the service at Christ […]

Our Bodies Tell us Who We Are

This past week I wrote as a pastor doing one of the prime things a pastor is called to do, namely, the work of a public theologian. The Church’s conviction is that she is called to proclaim the truth in charity, not merely to herself alone, but to the whole world. This requires both clarity and engagement. The Church’s […]

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The Good Four-Letter Word

My step-father turns 91 in a week. He is a veteran of the Second World War. Most every time we are together I ask questions about his military service. I try to pull out more information about his time in Europe in 1944.  Sometimes he will say something about it. Often times he redirects the conversation; he changes the subject. […]

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Sacramental Imagination for Politics

The most political thing I’ve done this week is baptize children. Seven children actually, including one infant.

I love the image of burial and resurrection with Christ that we witness in our one hundred and fifty gallon stock tank we place at the entrance of the church. It’s one of my favorite celebrations to lead as a priest. It’s a funeral and birth […]

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Should a Christian get a Tattoo?

It is a sin to get a tattoo?  Is it wise? Does the Bible forbid it? Will Jesus give us tattoos someday? (Stay tuned to the end for an answer to that last question). 

As a priest, I’ve heard those first three questions quite a few times, along with others like them. After all, Leviticus, the Hebrew Law Code of the […]

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In Praise of All Medical Workers

I am laying in a hospital bed for my first full day of recovery from back surgery.  I woke up in recovery-room yesterday to sounds of nurses, technicians, doctors, and assistants giving me the best medical care I could have hoped for.

I first thanked God for even waking up. The medical release forms you have to sign the day of the surgery will sober […]

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Who Donald Trump Reminds Me Of

Herod the Great.  Yes…THAT Herod.  The Herod of the bible who was ruling over Judea at the birth of Jesus.  Yes, with obvious exceptions, I think Herod the Great and The Donald have much in common.

I have visited the Holy Land many times and every time I see its ancient ruins, I  am impressed with Herod the builder.  He built luxurious […]

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Why We Should Care about Canterbury

Note: Anglican Pastor covers issues facing pastors, laity, churches, leaders from an Anglican perspective.  Occasionally, something happens in a larger Anglican context that deserves mention.  The gathering of Primates in Canterbury next week is one such occasion. These are my own thoughts and perspectives as I think about these issues and pray for our leaders. -DHR

In only a matter of […]

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Some Movember Spirituality

What does it mean to be a man in this culture?

In my freshman year of college, the year when young men grow a beard perhaps for the first time in their lives, I had to face the obvious–my beard was weak. God just didn’t give me the chops to grow strong chops. There’s a section of my right jawline that’s […]

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Should We Let the Kids Trick or Treat?

Yes, we should, and we should welcome the costumed kids and parents in our neighborhoods.

The word ‘halloween’ comes from “All Hallow’s Eve.”  “All Hallows” is the Christian All Saints Day (November 1st). So Halloween just means “Eve of All Saints Day.” It is far from being a pagan or evil word. Ironically, a church near me changed their party name backward […]

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Dear American Christian…

I recently saw a T-Shirt with the Statue of Liberty on it and the Bible verse “you are the light of the world.” I once saw a person stand in front of an altar and a cross in a church and heard them say “God raised up America to save the world.” People, quite often, tell me that America has […]

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