Anglican Pastor’s Approach to Debated Issues: A Letter from the Editor(s)

We appreciate how interactive our readers are. The reactions to our recent three-part interview with Rev. Tish Harrison Warren were mostly constructive and insightful.

We reached out to Tish to request an interview. And we asked readers for questions to ask Tish. We appreciate the […]

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Want to Learn More about Women’s Ordination Debates within Anglicanism? Start With These Resources

Maybe you, like me, are coming to Anglicanism from a different tradition.

If that’s the case, then one thing you should know is that Anglican debates about women’s ordination can often be quite different from debates about the same topic in other church contexts.

This is due to Anglicans having different views on, among other things:

  • ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church),
  • the sacraments, […]
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Call Me Mother

Since I was ordained as a priest two years ago, the question I’m most asked is, “What do we call you?”

In Anglicanism, people often refer to priests as “Father,” following Roman Catholic and Orthodox tradition. I have no intention to argue here about the use of that term, which can be controversial among lower church folks, but the practice is […]

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