Dear Supporters,

We want to thank you for supporting both LeaderWorks and Anglican Compass!

When I founded Anglican Compass (then called Anglican Pastor) I dreamed of a multi-author site that made Anglicanism accessible. We got to a certain point, but couldn’t break through.

Then David Roseberry came along and dreamed up the idea that LeaderWorks could take on Anglican Compass as a program, in order to help Compass move forward toward becoming an independent ministry. LeaderWorks and David invested time, resources, and support into Compass to help us get where we are today.

We now believe Compass is ready to take that next step and be released by LeaderWorks! So we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the partnership we’ve had over the past few years, and to thank LeaderWorks and David Roseberry for supporting us.

We have now published over 100 authors, produced 5 books, and welcomed thousands of new readers. We also updated our design, navigation, and our email management. Behind the scenes, LeaderWorks provided training, consulting, and enthusiastic support that helped Josh and I become better equipped to take Compass forward as a platform for Anglican clarity and charity.

So, we want to thank the Lord for David and LeaderWorks, and celebrate our “training wheels” as well as our future partnerships.

By the way, you can help us continue this ministry, and grow it, by becoming a patron. Our patrons fund our operations now with $5, $10, or $25 a month support. Our goal is to raise an additional $21,000 to support our part-time editor, Josh Steele. Can you help us there? If so, please send a donation to PO Box #989, Franklin, TN 37065.

Thank you!

Greg Goebel, Founder of Anglican Compass