Thank you for joining us in 2015. Here are the most read articles posted in 2015.

#10 What They Are Saying About Advent

by David Roseberry. “For outlandish creatures like us, on our way to a heart, a brain, and courage, Bethlehem is not the end of our journey but only the beginning – not home but the place through which we must pass if ever we are to reach home at last.” –Frederick Buechner, The Magnificent Defeat. Read it all

#9 Creation, Evolution and Pastors

by Greg Goebel. Did God create the world instantly ten thousand years ago? Or did he start the process of evolution in order to create the world? Read it all

#8 On Hearing Confessions

by Lee Nelson. To act as a witness to repentance and to hear a confession is to be put in the position of absolving sins we wouldn’t excuse in ourselves. We can only do this by grace. The priest is a man of grace, who lives animated and compelled by it. Read it all.

#7 30 Lessons from 30 Years

by David Roseberry. I made up a list of learnings and lessons from the past three decades. Most of these will not be new to most readers. And some of these I still struggle to learn as a leader of this parish. But for what they are worth, here are 30 lessons from the past 30 years. Read it all.

#6 Anglicanism and the Benedict Option

by Lee Nelson. The rapidly changing culture which surrounds us has made certain dormant aspects of Anglican spirituality come to life again. Read it all. 

#5 Dearly Beloved…About Marriage

by David Roseberry. Every believer in Christ should all want an opportunity for love and joy for any human being. I do. I believe that a person’s right to choose to be in a loving relationship should be legally protected and upheld in a free country. But marriage is God’s idea. It is God’s design. Read it all.

#4 Is Anglicanism Catholic or Reformed?

by Greg Goebel. Anglicans tend to define their church as both catholic and reformational, or both catholic and evangelical. Here’s the fun part though: when we say ‘catholic’ we don’t mean we are “Roman Catholic,” and when we say ‘reformed’ we don’t necessarily mean we are all “calvinists.” Read it all.

#3 Why Bishops?

by Greg Goebel. The Anglicans were one of the few reformational churches that retained Bishops as biblical and historical. Most of the other groups, in our humble opinion, threw the Bishops out with the bathwater. We feel like that was a mistake. Here’s why. Read it all.

#2 Things Done in Secret

by John Roop. As a priest, I live at the intersection of two worlds: at the corner of seen and unseen, at the juncture of things in heaven and things on earth. So do you; so do we all. Yet, even this language is fraught with difficulty; it doesn’t get it quite right. It is too conditioned by Enlightenment dualism. There is, after all, only one world, not two – a single world containing both that which we see with our eyes and touch with our hands and that which we know only through revelation and perceive only by faith. Read it all. 

#1 The War on Advent

by Greg Goebel. Restoring Advent isn’t about “traditional” rules. It isn’t about being “right” or “correct.” Restoring Advent is about healing the guilt that so many people associate with the feasting of Christmas. Its about being a healing presence in a shame based culture. Its about enjoying the Twelve Days with gusto rather than boredom. Read it all.