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Greg Goebel, Founder

When I was a new Anglican, I was enthralled by the experience, but also very confused. Thankfully, I had people who explained what was going on. They even pieced together some photocopied chapters of books for me to read. 

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t any one website, resource, or book for them to give me, hence the piecemeal photocopy process. 

Years later, I realized that new Anglicans and Anglican pastors alike still needed helpful resources to explain the Anglican tradition. So I built a small website called “Anglican Pastor.” I started writing about Anglican life in a conversational and pastoral way. And, over the years, I was joined by a growing team of pastoral writers and leaders—including Josh Steele and David Roseberry—as Anglican Pastor grew.

Today, we are still helping people navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity.

We are building a place where Anglicans can speak to the world and each other in a clear and charitable way. We publish web posts and books to explain the basics of Anglicanism to the “Angli-curious” and to give Anglican pastors trustworthy resources to recommend to their parishioners. 

Over the next five years, we want to continue to build by adding books, e-books, videos, coaching, curricula, seminars, online courses, and other great resources to the mix. 

But, in order to accomplish these things, we need your help.

Please help us build!

Over the years, hundreds of people have reached out to me in person and online to share how much Anglican Pastor (now Anglican Compass) has helped them. 

Many of them were brand new to Anglicanism and needed some help in taking their first steps. 

Others were church planters or pastors looking for solid, faithful articles about our tradition. 

Still others have celebrated a platform for Anglicans to share our perspective on theological and social issues with clarity and charity—a breath of fresh air compared to the jargon-filled Anglican arguments elsewhere online. 

We have had over 134,000 users visit our website and over 270,000 page views since May 1, 2020. We have loved seeing this community of readers and writers form. YOU are the reason we serve, and now we need you to lend a hand (and a few dollars!) to keep our momentum going!

The Anglican church is in great need of “clarity and charity” resources. 

We need a growing toolbox for worship, life, and ministry. We need orthodox voices that express the gospel with love and kindness. We need more blog posts, books, groups, curricula, videos, online courses, etc. that speak the truth in love. 

That’s what Anglican Compass is all about.

When I started the website over 8 years ago, I had a vision for a team of writers and a community of readers that would serve our movement. You can help us realize this vision by signing up for a monthly gift.

So that’s why we are asking our readers to give a monthly gift. Your gift of $5, $10, or $25 per month is a partnership in growing this ministry to serve the “Angli-curious” and Anglican leaders. 

We want this ministry to provide resources at affordable prices. To do this, we need our community to join us by contributing. This gives us the ability to grow our library of resources while still providing plenty of free content.

I really believe in what we’re doing here. If you do too, please join me in building this ministry.

~ Greg Goebel, Founder and Editor-in-Chief