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I’m pleased to announce that Fr Thomas McKenzie is joining Anglican Pastor as a writer. The original vision of Anglican Pastor was to include other writing clergy to help explain Anglican experience, and provide pastoral perspectives on worship, faith, and life. I think it a real coup that we nabbed Fr Thomas. It may have been the paycheck that lured him (sarcasm).

Fr Thomas is married and has two school aged children, and serves as the first Pastor of Church of the Redeemer, Nashville. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. His Master’s Degree in Divinity is from Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. He was ordained in the Anglican Communion in 1998. He writes at thomasmckenzie.com and is a contributor to RabbitRoom.com. He also does the One Minute Review. Follow him on Twitter @ThomasMckenzie. He is an insightful and honest writer, and is passionate about strong, faithful, and healthy church communities.


I know you will enjoy his personality and gain new insights from his perspective. I also hope this leads to more of our meetings in Chattanooga to discuss high level issues (for example, IPA verses Stout).

Look for a new series of articles soon. We hope this is a site you can use and share with new Anglicans, or anyone who wants to hear about our way of being Christian. Or anyone who wonders what an Anglican Pastor might say about something. Or anyone bored and just looking for something to do.

And please let us know if you have any questions or issues you would like us to discuss. We will then discuss them over a Stout Ale and/or IPA. Oh, and we will also try to write about them as well.

Please check us out at facebook.com/anglicanpastor and @Anglican_Pastor.

Thanks for reading!

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May 10, 2013


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