As we get ready for the Anglican Church in North America’s Provincial Assembly in Plano, TX, we are very grateful—not only that we three have met the Lord Jesus Christ, but also that we have found the Anglican tradition, a tradition that provides a vehicle to follow Him and express our love for Him in time-honored ways.

Today we want to thank you, the readers of, for giving us the privilege of serving you.

Anglican Pastor is an online blog and resource that helps Anglican Christians and pastors live out their Christian faith in our current culture. Our hope is that this site and our renewed efforts to serve our fellow believers in Christ will continue to strengthen your ministry in the seasons to come.

In a sense, the three of us—David Roseberry, Greg Goebel, and Joshua Steele—are very different in our age and entry into Anglicanism.

From left to right: David Roseberry, Greg Goebel, and Joshua Steele

But there is a common thread that bind us together. We love the unique heart and soul of the Anglican tradition. And we want to help readers, writers, thinkers, leaders, pastors, and people work for its renewal in our time.

Clarity and Charity

Anglican Pastor is not the voice of a denomination, political party, or any advocacy group. But when we write, we try to write with both clarity and charity.

That is, we want to represent orthodox Anglicanism in a way that’s both informative and accessible. Our goal is to stand up for what we believe in, but to do so with humility and grace toward those with whom we disagree.

We are proud to say that our authors have done an excellent job in achieving this goal. And we look forward to continue to publish clear and charitable content in the years to come!

Come Find Us at Assembly!

To all of those who are attending the Provincial Assembly in Plano, TX, please stop by our booth and meet us in person!

We’re table #35, between the Greenhouse Movement and Beeson Divinity School. Joshua Steele (our Managing Editor) will be at the table for most of Assembly. Greg Goebel (our General Editor) and David Roseberry (our Publisher) will be around quite a bit as well.

We’d love to give you a free Anglican Pastor popsocket, and to listen to your suggestions about how to make Anglican Pastor an even more helpful resource.

One More Thing

Here at Anglican Pastor, we’re working hard to make Anglicanism accessible.

If you like what we’re up to, we’d love your help. If you really want to help this effort to go forward, you can:

And, if you don’t like what we do, please let us know why!

Thanks again for the privilege of serving you as we follow Jesus together in the Anglican way.