Writing Prompts

The following are prompts, ideas, topics, etc. that we’re interested in exploring at Anglican Compass. Bottom line: We publish resources that help people navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity.

If you follow our writing guidelines and send us a draft about one of these topics/questions, we will most likely publish it!

Topic/Post Ideas

Note: Some of these are tongue-in-cheek, but hopefully they can get the writing wheels turning!

  • “I was about to give up on the Church when I was introduced to the Anglican tradition. It saved my faith.”
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Become an Anglican
  • 5 Reasons Why Written Prayers Are Better than Extemporaneous Prayers
  • 7 Questions to Ask When You Visit an Anglican Church
  • Absolution: A Rookie Anglican Guide (Why can only priests absolve?)
  • A Feast for The Senses: The Richness of Anglican Worship
  • A history of the Anglican Church in North America
  • Anglican Clergy’s Best-Kept Secret
  • Anglican history and why it matters
  • Anglican theology, whether it exists (as a coherent theology), and why it matters
  • Anglican views on the natural/supernatural and physical/spiritual
  • Anglicanism and the Bible
  • Announcing: An Ancient Way to Reclaim Your Days and Years for God
  • Crazy As It Sounds, the Daily Office Could Save Your Marriage
  • Distinctives of Anglican worship, an introduction for those visiting an Anglican church
  • Do Coffee & Donuts After the Service Upstage the Bread & Wine?
  • Family prayer at home, an introduction/guide
  • From the Priest’s Point of View: An Overview of a Typical Sunday Service
  • How a pastor can transition from another tradition into Anglicanism
  • How can I become an Anglican?
  • How do I use the Book of Common Prayer?
  • How should Anglicanism intersect with other traditions and cultures? Does this apply to Anglicanism and North American evangelicalism?
  • How Should We Use the Psalms in a Sunday Service?
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Visiting an Anglican Church
  • How to Chant the Proper Prefaces
  • How to Chant the Sursum Corda
  • How to find a good Anglican church
  • How to join an Anglican church
  • It’s Never Too Late to Start Doing the Daily Office
  • Now You Can Create a Personalized Discipleship Plan—For FREE
  • Paedo-communion: Yes or No?
  • Sick of “iChurch” and “McChurch”? Give Anglicanism A Try
  • The 5 Anglican Books You Should Own NOW
  • The WORST Article in the Thirty-Nine Articles. Hint: It’s NOT What You Think!
  • Tips for using the Daily Office at home with family
  • Using the Book of Common Prayer—Once Difficult, Now Easy
  • We’re Looking for People Who Want to Leave Anglicanism Better Than They Found It
  • What Do Anglican Small Groups Look Like?
  • What do Anglicans believe?
  • What Does Anglican Children’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Church Planting Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Men’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Women’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Weekly Services Are Offered at a Typical Anglican Church?
  • Why “Clarity & Charity” is the Best Way Forward for the Church in a Pluralistic Society
  • Why Are Anglicans So Angry?
  • Why Most People Leave the Church—And What You Can Do About It
  • Will Your Church Pass the “Word & Sacrament” Test?

List last updated: 2020-10-15