Writing Prompts

The following are prompts, ideas, topics, etc. that we’re interested in exploring at Anglican Compass.

If you follow our writing guidelines and send us a draft about one of these topics/questions, we will most likely publish it!

Topic/Post Ideas

Note: Some of these are tongue-in-cheek, but hopefully they can get the writing wheels turning!

  • “I was about to give up on the Church when I was introduced to the Anglican tradition. It saved my faith.”
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Become an Anglican
  • 5 Reasons Why Written Prayers Are Better than Extemporaneous Prayers
  • 7 Questions to Ask When You Visit an Anglican Church
  • A Feast for The Senses: The Richness of Anglican Worship
  • A history of the Anglican Church in North America
  • Anglican Clergy’s Best-Kept Secret
  • Anglican history and why it matters
  • Anglican theology, whether it exists (as a coherent theology), and why it matters
  • Anglican views on the natural/supernatural and physical/spiritual
  • Anglicanism and the Bible
  • Announcing: An Ancient Way to Reclaim Your Days and Years for God
  • Crazy As It Sounds, the Daily Office Could Save Your Marriage
  • Distinctives of Anglican worship, an introduction for those visiting an Anglican church
  • Do Coffee & Donuts After the Service Upstage the Bread & Wine?
  • Family prayer at home, an introduction/guide
  • From the Priest’s Point of View: An Overview of a Typical Sunday Service
  • How a pastor can transition from another tradition into Anglicanism
  • How can I become an Anglican?
  • How do I use the Book of Common Prayer?
  • How Should We Use the Psalms in a Sunday Service?
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Visiting an Anglican Church
  • How to Chant the Proper Prefaces
  • How to Chant the Sursum Corda
  • How to find a good Anglican church
  • How to join an Anglican church
  • It’s Never Too Late to Start Doing the Daily Office
  • Now You Can Create a Personalized Discipleship Plan—For FREE
  • Paedo-communion: Yes or No?
  • Sick of “iChurch” and “McChurch”? Give Anglicanism A Try
  • The 5 Anglican Books You Should Own NOW
  • The WORST Article in the Thirty-Nine Articles. Hint: It’s NOT What You Think!
  • Tips for using the Daily Office at home with family
  • Using the Book of Common Prayer—Once Difficult, Now Easy
  • We’re Looking for People Who Want to Leave Anglicanism Better Than They Found It
  • What Do Anglican Small Groups Look Like?
  • What do Anglicans believe?
  • What Does Anglican Children’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Church Planting Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Men’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Does Anglican Women’s Ministry Look Like?
  • What Weekly Services Are Offered at a Typical Anglican Church?
  • Why “Clarity & Charity” is the Best Way Forward for the Church in a Pluralistic Society
  • Why Are Anglicans So Angry?
  • Why Most People Leave the Church—And What You Can Do About It
  • Will Your Church Pass the “Word & Sacrament” Test?

Other Reader Questions/Ideas

Some of these have been slightly edited/paraphrased.

  • What is the Anglican tolerance for other traditions that seem to intersect with it? “My Anglican Church has a lot of evangelical influence (drums, guitars, longer sermons, evangelism emphasis), and I’ve sort of just taken that for granted. I guess I don’t object to them, but I’m wondering if there is a piece in the tradition that speaks to the cultural elements we bring into the service. Are there other Anglicans in the world who are integrating parts of their culture in ways that work for them but that an American might see as odd?”
  • Rector’s Spouse? “In the Anglican church I’ve been a part of the rector’s wife has been pretty integral to some of the church functions. In some cases I think it’s maybe just about cheap, available labor, but in other cases it seems like there’s more significance. What does history tell us about how to think about the role of the wife (or even husband) of the rector?
  • What are some short-term roadblocks for Caminemos Juntos and other Hispanic ministries doing active outreach in Latin America?
  • Are there Anglican resources available for a daily reading of the Church Fathers supplementing the BCP?

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