Oct 11, 2024 | Camp Crucis (Granbury, Texas)

Three-Day Renewal Weekend – A Cursillo-inspired Event

Come and be a part of this weekend community for an intense time of examination, prayer & sacrament, culminating with practical methods for effective evangelism, and living more fully into our Baptismal Covenant.

Cursillo began with a need—to bring together active, committed Christians to evangelize the environments where they lived and worked. They prayed together and planned new ways to spread faith in Christ. The earliest weekends focused on the fundamentals of being a Christian and emphasized the practical commitment to be a witness for Christ in the world. The Cursillo Weekend has been an emotional and life-changing time for many.

In introducing Renewal Weekend, the goal remains unchanged: to prepare people for a Fourth Day life, centered on small group support and accountability, and living a mature life in Christ as an active witness for Christ in the world.

Focusing on the Fourth Day objective, the former DFW Cursillo Secretariat explored ways to more effectively bring the people of this generation into a Fourth Day life. The flow of Renewal Weekend addresses the busy-ness of today’s younger generations, with a firm commitment to honoring the Cursillo legacy.