Finding Cranmer’s Church


I will be received into St. Thomas Anglican (Clifton Park, NY) and the Anglican faith on December 11 by Bishop Love. The most important thing to me is that we are grounded in Scripture, and not the world’s opinion!

Anglican Compass and the Rookie Anglican Guides have been integral to my transition.


Finding Cranmer’s Church

I started life being baptized into the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, in the Bronx, New York City. When I was 5, we moved to sparsely populated Long Island, and there was no local Lutheran church and so, I was brought up and confirmed in the Presbyterian faith.

While in High School, I developed what would become a lifelong passion for Tudor times and people. The English Reformation was new and fascinating to me. I dove into it. Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and William Tyndall are all people that I became very familiar with. I always liked that the CoE was very Roman Catholic but without all the baggage of popes, hierarchy and practices that had no scriptural basis. However, the CoE and Episcopalian church really didn’t maintain the things that those early reformers had in mind.

While in college, I started dating a Roman Catholic guy who was an organist. I started going to the RC church more than the Presbyterian one. As I observed the RC church I realized how much of Christian theology and ritual that I had not been exposed to. As time went on, I married the organist and I spent more time at his church. I also started trying to find a place that combined the parts of the RC faith and mine as a Presbyterian, not finding it.

In 2016, a local newspaper ran an article about a church that followed the teachings of a Tudor cleric – Thomas Cranmer! Could it be that Cranmer’s church existed? This article was about St. Thomas Anglican Church and The Reverend Canon John Bassett in Clifton Park, NY. So, for a few years, I started “stalking” Anglicanism. As the mainline denominations moved away from Scripture into a more liberal, secular theology, I wanted a place to go.

Answers from Anglican Compass

Then I came across ACNA and “The Anglican Compass” and “A Rookie Anglican Guide” via a Google search. I became a regular drop in.

During the Pandemic, St. Thomas went virtual and I started dropping in there, too – anonymously. It took me another year to walk in the door. It seemed like my Tudor passion and faith search had come together. Perhaps my Tudor obsession and the Holy Spirit was leading me here all along!

I don’t think that this transition would have happened without the Anglican Compass. So many of my questions were answered, both on faith and procedure. I got answers and did not have to pepper my priest with my questions.

Here is an example: I did not take Communion for several months because I was afraid of messing up! The Rookie Anglican Guide on Communion helped me to understand, together with a practical guide on receiving communion and the reasons we receive communion every week. I learned about crossing one’s self and bowing to the cross.

Anglican Compass had the answers! I thank God that they have been there to help me on my journey in Christ.

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December 11, 2022


Cathy Hackert

Cathy Hackert was be received into St. Thomas Anglican (Clifton Park, NY) and the Anglican faith on December 11, 2022 by Bishop Love.

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