Anglican Book Publishing

If you’re interested in publishing a book with Anglican Compass, you’ve come to the right place!

We publish books that help people navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity. As of right now, we are limited to publishing paperback books in black & white.

Submit a Book Proposal

  1. Fill out the book proposal doc.
  2. Submit the filled out doc using the form on this page.

Our book proposal doc asks for the following information:

  • Basic Information
    • Title:
    • Subtitle (if applicable):
    • Author:
    • Premise: [Provide a two- or three-sentence statement of the book’s central concept. Often this is worded as a problem and the solution the book provides.]
    • Benefits: After completing [title], readers will: [List the benefits or takeaway value readers will derive from the book.]
    • Features: [Explain how the book will deliver the benefits by listing the book’s unique features.]
    • Overview: The book is divided into [number] sections and/or [number] chapters.
    • Chapter Outline: [Provide an annotated outline of the book. This outline should include section titles, chapter titles, and a two- or three-sentence description of each chapter’s content.]
    • Sample Chapters: [Attach two sample chapters that best represent the book to the end of this proposal template.]
  • The Manuscript
    • Manuscript Status: [State how much of the manuscript is complete.]
    • Anticipated Length: [number] manuscript pages and word count (# pages x 300)
    • Anticipated Manuscript Completion Date:
  • The Market
    • Characteristics: The target audience for this book is made up of [Describe the demographic characteristics of the target readers, including age, sex, education level, etc.]
    • Motivations: [Describe the psychographic characteristics of the target readers, including the frustrations, desires, etc., that would motivate them to purchase and read the book.]
    • Affinity Groups: [List the groups of people, organizations, etc., who are likely to be attracted to the book.]
    • Differentiation: [Describe the main competition for the book and explain what distinguishes this book from them.]
  • The Author
    • Background:
    • [Give a brief biographical description making sure to include information that establishes your credibility or qualifications to the write the book.]
    • Previous Writing:
    • [List previously published writing, including the name of the publisher, the date of publication, and the number of units sold.]
  • Marketing
    • Possible Endorsers: [List the names of people who are likely to provide a written endorsement of the book.]
    • Personal Marketing: [Describe what you can do to help the publisher promote the book.]

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