How to Pray as a Family at Home? Here Are Some Tips for Family Prayer

Family Prayer, sometimes called Family Worship, is a cornerstone activity of the Christian family’s life. In it, we come together to sing, read Scripture, and pray. Yet, this activity can feel daunting and unfamiliar. What do we read? What do we pray? How long should it be? How often should we do Family Prayer? My goal is to help you [...]

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What Do Anglicans Believe about Scripture, Prayer, and Worship? A Brief Overview of Anglican Spirituality

The following is an excerpt from the Anglican Church in North America’s catechism, To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism (Crossway, 2020), pp. 81–87. You can download a PDF of the entire catechism here. A Rule of Prayer: Scripture, Prayer, and Worship 224. What is a “rule” of prayer? A rule of prayer is a regular discipline by which I cultivate a life [...]

Special Event: Liturgy Taskforce Webinar

Easter isn't a finish line—it's our kickoff to a season of celebration. Still, pastors can be forgiven for admitting that after Holy Week, they are a little exhausted. Whether your church hosts vigils, daily services, or some other Easter extravaganza, there is a lot to juggle. Especially tricky is managing the liturgies. Palms and Passion, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday; [...]

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Prayer for Race and our Communities

Foley Beach, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America has called us to prayer over the racial tensions in our communities. He includes these wise observations: “the events in Tulsa and Charlotte continue to foster and deepen fear, mistrust, anxiety, and a simmering frustration in our cities here in the States.  African-Americans are becoming more and more fearful of [...]

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Intercessory Prayer

“Intercessory prayer is exceedingly prevalent. What wonders it has wrought! The Word of God teems with its marvelous deeds. Believer, thou hast a mighty engine in thy hand, use it well, use it constantly, use it with faith, and thou shalt surely be a benefactor to thy brethren.” C.H. Spurgeon What is intercessory prayer? According to Webster, intercede means simply, [...]

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False Dilemmas

False Dilemmas are called ‘false’ because we may not actually need to make a radical “either-or” choice as often as we are made to think so. Something or all of both may be true, or their may be another good choice. Even in some of my own favorite authors or preachers, I have to admit I find a lot of [...]

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