4 Essential Elements of Missional Leadership

Leading a church through the changes required for missional living is seriously complex work.

Many people, understandably, are fearful of the disruption taking place in our culture. With political and racial tensions reaching new heights in our communities, neighbors now see one another as enemies. Having any sort of conversation, let alone a faith conversation, puts people on edge.

But because missional […]

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Telos Collective #Intersection19: Day Three Recap

What a great conference! Special thanks to the Telos Collective, to Trinity Anglican Church in Atlanta for hosting, and to all of the speakers:

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Telos Collective #Intersection19: Day Two Recap

A Roman Catholic, two Anglicans, and an Anabaptist walk into a conference and—voilà!—you’ve got day two (Friday) of the Telos Collective’s 2019 Intersection Conference.

Especially for an introvert like myself, it’s been a bit like drinking from a fire hose here in Atlanta today. Summarizing and weaving together William Cavanaugh’s, Tish Harrison Warren’s, Winfield Bevins’, and David Fitch’s talks is a […]

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Telos Collective #Intersection19: Day One Recap

Things are up and running here in Atlanta for the Telos Collective’s 2019 Intersection Conference on Anglican Missional Ecclesiology. Here’s a brief recap of day one.

Hans Boersma: “Proclaiming the Gospel through the Eucharist”

After Archbishop Foley and Bishop Todd Hunter got things started, we heard from Hans Boersma on “Proclaiming the Gospel through the Eucharist.”

Boersma, who now teaches at

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Anglican Pastor at the Telos Collective’s #Intersection19 Conference

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!

Greg Goebel, David Roseberry, and I (Joshua Steele) are excited to be here for the Telos Collective’s 2019 Intersection Conference.

The topic this year? “For the Sake of the World: An Anglican Missional Ecclesiology.”

I’m looking forward to hearing from the following speakers over the next few days:
– Bishop Todd Hunter – Opening Session
– Hans Boersma – “Proclaiming […]

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