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With our series on “The Liturgical Home,” we aim to support families in discipleship to Christ through the wisdom of the Anglican tradition. Ashley Tumlin Wallace is a wonderful guide, and Anglican Compass is thrilled to publish her new guidebook on Lent. It’s an incredible resource, helping you walk through Lent’s rich meaning and traditions in your home.

In the tapestry of the Christian liturgical year, the season of Lent emerges as a profound and transformative journey. It is a journey that prepares us for the most miraculous event in our lives, the death and resurrection of Jesus. In a culture that frequently prizes instant gratification and superficial pleasures, Lent calls us to something deeper, something more enduring. It’s a call to look inward, confront our weaknesses, and embrace the grace so freely offered to us in Christ.


In this Lenten volume of The Liturgical Home, we are bid to observe a Holy Lent with:

  • An Introduction to the Season
  • Ways to Observe Lent in Your Home
  • The Meaning Behind Our Rich Lenten Traditions
  • Lenten Devotions For Your Family
  • Traditional Recipes from Around the World

Lent has such a meaningful history with beautiful traditions and incredible foods from around the world. In this book, I set about to recover those rich traditions that accompany the season. Not only are there explanations on the overall history of the seasons of the Church, but also the season of Lent. I recommend traditions for celebrating both the whole season and specific days like Ash Wednesday and every day of Holy Week.

I provide the history of all the symbols and traditions we associate with Lent: Why is purple a symbol of Lent? Why don’t we eat meat on Fridays? Why do we “bury” the Alleluias? The background story to all these things is meaningful and will delight you as they did me.

I also include family devotions for the weeks of Lent as well as the special days. There are also (of course!) amazing Lenten recipes from around the world.

Now, you may want to know which recipes I’ve included. I have 22 in the book, both fasting and feasting recipes. However, I’ll only name a few here since I want to leave you some surprises! Look forward to French Onion Soup, Simnel Cake, Pretzels, Hot Cross Buns, and Resurrection Cookies!

I hope this book will be a valuable resource for people who want to deepen their understanding and celebrate this beautiful season. Whether you are new to the season of Lent or a seasoned pro, there is something in this book for everyone. So join me in celebrating this beautiful season of penitence and reflection, and let’s journey together through the moving days of Lent.

Finally, if you’d like to help support the work we are doing with The Liturgical Home, order the book, leave a five-star review, share it with friends, check out the other Liturgical Home articles here on Anglican Compass, and head over to my website for more ways to walk through the season of Lent in your home.

Purchase the paperback and Kindle editions of The Liturgical Home: Lent now, exclusively on Amazon.

Published on

January 15, 2024


Ashley Tumlin Wallace

Ashley Tumlin Wallace, the author of the Liturgical Home series of books and articles at Anglican Compass, is a homeschooling mom of four and the wife of an Anglican priest. She and her family live in the panhandle of Florida.

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