ARDF Training: The Three Phases of Disaster Response


How do Anglicans respond to hurricanes, floods, fires, and other disasters?

Today some 25 Anglicans representing 10 parishes across 4 states, gathered here for a Disaster Preparedness Training. Hosted by the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF), the event sought both to train participants in disaster response, and also to foster […]

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Parish Project: Making Advent Wreaths

Advent is a perfect season to connect church and home. Here are ideas for making Advent wreaths together at church, together with ways to use them at home.

Why Advent Wreaths?

The purpose of Advent is to prepare our hearts to celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, both the first and second times. With its themes […]

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Behind the Hymn: Come Ye Thankful People, Come

A beloved hymn for Thanksgiving, “Come, ye thankful people, come” is also a fitting hymn for Advent. It presents a rare combination of thanks and of judgment, drawing singers into reverent awe before the Almighty.

Anglican priest Henry Alford wrote the hymn in 1844 and published it under the heading, “After Harvest.” At the time Alford was Vicar of the […]

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True North: A Simple Vision

As part of our True North Campaign, we are publishing articles that highlight the impact of Anglican Compass. Here we welcome Winfield Bevins, who shares why he writes for Anglican Compass, together with his vision for our future. Enjoy!

Our Focus

I began writing for Anglican Compass in 2014. I was originally compelled to write for […]

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Creativity Begins in the Sanctuary

As part of our True North Campaign, we are publishing articles that highlight the impact of Anglican Compass. Here we welcome Elizabeth Demmon, who explains the unique relationship between Anglicanism and the arts, and calls for the continued development of an artistic community here on Anglican Compass. Enjoy!

A Heritage of Artists

The Anglican heritage has a […]

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Put No Confidence in Princes!

When considering politics, Christians should remember God’s clear command: “Put not your trust in princes” (Psalm 146:3). Or even sing this verse in its metrical translation, and sing it loudly: “PUT NO CONFIDENCE IN PRINCES!”

The Legitimacy of the State

This is not to deny the importance of the political sphere. With authority established by God, the state acts as “an avenger […]

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True North: Anguish and Compass

As part of our True North Campaign, we are publishing articles that highlight the missionary impact of Anglican Compass. Here we welcome David Roseberry, our first Publisher and one of our most prolific authors. David shares his journey and his wisdom for the next era of Anglican Compass. 

Peter Johnston, the new Ministry President for Anglican Compass, asked me […]

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Introducing Author Zooms

We are excited to announce a new initiative at Anglican Compass: Author Zooms.

What is an Author Zoom?

A Zoom conversation that features the author of a recent Anglican Compass article.

What is the structure of an Author Zoom?

After opening with prayer, the Anglican Compass team will interview the author, and then we will have time for general questions and conversation. Each Author […]

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Books by Anglicans: The First 24

The First 24 is a new book written by David Roseberry, a long-time friend and supporter of Anglican Compass (and our First Publisher!). David has nearly four decades of pastoral ministry and was the founding Rector of Christ Church in Plano. He is a frequent contributor, but he hasn’t posted anything with us for a while and […]

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True North: The Campaign for Anglican Compass

Today we launch True North: The Campaign for Anglican Compass. Our goal is to hire a full-time managing editor and support our ongoing operation. To this end, the campaign has two parts:

  • To show the missionary impact of Anglican Compass
  • To raise funds in the missionary model of monthly giving

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Praying for Anglican Compass

Lord Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life: pour out your grace upon the ministry of Anglican Compass, that it may point forward to you; who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Last week, we announced our new Ministry President, The Rev’d Dr. Peter Johnston, and shared our vision […]

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The Future of our Front Porch

Anglican Compass is a digital front porch. It is visible, accessible, welcoming, winsome. It interfaces with the outside world, as in the photo above, by Eric Roth. At the front porch, anyone can stop for a chat or pull up a chair. You can come by in the morning for coffee, or in the afternoon for tea, going […]

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Announcing our New Ministry President

Anglican Compass is glad to announce its new Ministry President: The Rev’d Dr. Peter Johnston.

Peter is a graduate of Yale College (BA 2009), Yale Divinity School (MDiv 2014), and the University of Louisiana (PhD, expected 2022). A scholar of theology and poetry, he wrote his dissertation on John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. Peter is the […]

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Behind the Hymn: It Is Well

“It is well” is a hymn of sorrow and faith, written by a father grappling with natural disaster and death.

Horatio Spafford was a Chicago lawyer and friend of evangelist Dwight Moody. In 1873, to visit Moody’s preaching campaign in England, he planned a trip for his family to Europe, and sent his wife Anna and daughters […]

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New Wineskins: One Mission

New Wineskins hosts the largest Anglican-focused missions conference in the world. The 2022 conference is September 22-25, just outside Asheville, NC. There will be four days of outstanding teaching and workshops with 120+ speakers! Register for the free livestream here or visit the website here. The goal is […]

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Winfield Bevins on “Liturgical Mission”

The following is excerpted from “Liturgical Mission” by Winfield Bevins, published by IVP. Winfield is also the author of “Simply Anglican,” published by Anglican Compass.

The word mission comes from the Latin word missio, and simply means “sending” or “being sent.” If we are sent, then there must be a sender. From a Christian perspective, mission begins not with […]

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Why are Anglicans Pro-Life?

By the Rev. Deacon Georgette Forney and Anglican Compass

The Scriptures Teach Us to Be Pro-Life

People often say that abortion isn’t mentioned in the Bible. But the command to protect and honor Life is implicit in every word of Scripture.

First, we need to understand that the value of human life is based in our creation by God and in our redemption […]

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The History of the Easter Week Collects

Easter is a long season of feasting, lasting a full 50 days. And the celebration is especially pronounced in the first week after Easter, often called Easter Week or Bright Week. For more on the season of Easter, check out our Rookie Anglican Guide to Eastertide.

In this post we outline the history of the Easter Week Collects, which are […]

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Let Us Keep the Feast: The Eucharist as a Visible Act of Justice

Liturgy, individually and corporately, has led to a significant turning in my heart. The practice of daily surrender and repentance has allowed me to see my own need for healing, the ways injustice operates in my very own heart against others and myself. When I participate in the work God is doing in the Eucharist, I am sustained. Fed […]

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Catechize Like a Deacon

“You have entreated me, brother Deogratias, to send you something in writing which might be of use to you on the question of instructing beginners in the faith. As you say, in Carthage, where you are a deacon, those who are to be given their initial grounding in Christian faith are often brought to you because you are […]

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A Tribute to Thomas McKenzie

Thomas avoids the temptation to turn Anglicanism into a subject to merely be dissected, instead choosing to be a guide along the way as someone is seeking to be formed as a Christian, and as an Anglican.

I vividly remember sitting in my car in the parking lot of the Music and Arts store here, talking to Fr. Thomas McKenzie on […]

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All Things Anglican by Throup (Review)

Marcus Throup’s All Things Anglican offers anyone who seeks to know more about this particular tradition within the Christian faith an excellent overview and place to start. 

What is unique about Anglicanism is the different nuances and beliefs that many who adhere to such a title hold, and as such, when trying to figure out where you […]

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Walking in God’s Wisdom: The Book of Proverbs by Quinn (Review)

Most books of the Bible have an obvious internal coherence. It’s easy to understand why an unfolding narrative or the argument of an epistle is presented as a book in our Bibles. But, for many of us, the book of Proverbs evades this sort of analysis. 

The book of Proverbs seems to be a collection […]

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