True North: A Simple Vision


As part of our True North Campaign, we are publishing articles that highlight the impact of Anglican Compass. Here we welcome Winfield Bevins, who shares why he writes for Anglican Compass, together with his vision for our future. Enjoy!

Our Focus

I began writing for Anglican Compass in 2014. I was originally compelled to write for Anglican Compass because it began with a simple vision: to introduce people to the riches and treasures of the Anglican tradition. While many of the Anglican websites and blogs were focused on the latest news, drama and divisions in the Anglican world, Anglican Compass simply focused on making Anglicanism accessible. I loved that approach and I still do, and I believe it is especially needed in our moment.


We need to be authentically orthodox, but not angry at each other. We need to introduce people to the riches and the goodness of the Anglican tradition, in a way that is Trinitarian and gospel centered, but also gracious and loving. This is very important.

The potential of Anglican Compass is to continue on that track, to not get sidetracked in secondary arguments, but focusing on helpful resources to empower people. We can help people either to embrace Anglicanism, or to make use of the riches of Anglicanism in their own context, whether Baptist or Methodist or otherwise. Come and see and make use of our resources; let these be a blessing to you wherever you are.

Our Formation

There is a deep hunger for spiritual formation, which is drawing people to liturgy in general, and to Anglicanism specifically. This is because our tradition is scriptural, deeply rooted in historic Christianity, and has many gifts that form us as disciples of Christ. I have written articles about many of them including: anglican beliefs, the church yearfamily discipleship, fasting for lentanglo-catholic church planting, clergy health, and contemplative leadership.

I also wrote Simply Anglican, in an effort to answer questions from newcomers. It offers an introduction as well as an invitation to a rich and beautiful tradition, that at times can be complex and hard to understand. And I write as someone who is somewhat new to Anglicanism myself. I’ve been a priest for a bit more than a decade. It’s long enough to know what I’m talking about, but it’s still fresh enough to know what the draw to liturgy is all about.

The Anglican tradition has enriched the faith of millions of Christians around the world for hundreds of years and still has the power to offer a vibrant, healthy, life-giving faith for our generation and generations to come.

Our Future

I see a lot of potential for the future of Anglican Compass. It already provides a service to thousands of readers by offering robust, but readable and accessible introduction to the Anglican tradition. This work is essential and very much needed.

I also see Anglican Compass providing essential resources to pastors and churches. Simply Anglican, for example, has been used in many churches around the country as a part of Anglican 101 Classes. The Liturgical Home is developing books for each season of the year, beginning with Advent. We can do more, not only with books, but also with videos, podcasts, perhaps even a journal with a focus on theology for a more academic audience.

Finally, I see the need for a space to promote and encourage a renaissance of the arts in the church and world today. I think Anglican Compass can be a place that promotes the recovery of beauty, goodness, and truth to the world through the arts. Call me a dreamer, but these are only a few of the possibilities I see in the future of Anglican Compass!

Look for more by Winfield on liturgy, missions, and the arts. And please support the work of Anglican Compass, so we can continue to publish Simply Anglican and develop new resources to serve the whole church!

Published on

November 14, 2022


Winfield Bevins

Winfield Bevins is the author of Simply Anglican and numerous other books and the Director of CREO Arts. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and daughters.

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