Oct 11, 2024 | Scranton, PA

Shattering the Iron Crown

Exploring the development of Enlightenment philosophy, the effects of modern technology, and promoting environmental stewardship.

This fall, Grace Anglican Church in Scranton, PA is hosting its fourth annual conference. This year’s conference theme is “Shattering the Iron Crown: Recovering Humanity and Exercising Dominion in the Endarkened World” where we will be exploring the effects of technology on the modern world and considering how Christians might biblically pursue and promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. As part of our annual conference, we will also enjoy Christian fellowship at “Elrond’s Feast,” the Saturday meal put on by Grace Church. Contrary to popular opinion, the history of the West has not been a progression from medieval darkness to Enlightenment, but a devolution from medieval light to the modern Endarkenment. For the plenary sessions, Dr. Thomas Price (Gordon-Conwell, The Theology Pugcast) will be tracing this ideological history from the Renaissance to the present day in his lectures. CJay Engel (Chronicles Magazine) will be speaking on the role of technology in masking cultural decline in the modern world. Andy Giessman (Addison’s Walk Institute, University of Scranton) will address the topic of human personhood and the rise of cynicism in the modern world. Rev. Dcn. Jared Lovell (Memoria Academy, Grace Anglican Church) will be discussing technology’s challenges to worship and the Christian’s ability to comprehend the organic language of Scripture. Finally, Dr. Joshua Arp (University of Scranton) will present a biblical anthropology of sustainability. Workshops offering practical teaching on education, sustainable farming, and literature will further provide ways to think and act to help Christians resist the tyranny of technology and pursue alternatives to promote human flourishing.