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New Wineskins hosts the largest Anglican-focused missions conference in the world. The 2022 conference is September 22-25, just outside Asheville, NC. There will be four days of outstanding teaching and workshops with 120+ speakers! Register for the free livestream here or visit the website here. The goal is for hundreds of people attending the conference to have the opportunity to network and share ideas with other Anglicans who have the same goal—making Jesus known all over the world.

Be the one.

Making Jesus known through our word and deed is a mark of what it means to follow Jesus. Anglicans have always been on mission, but we are not known for this in the modern day. Instead, we are known by our vestments, our Table, and our rich liturgy. But to think that the Anglican church does not want to make Jesus known to a lost and dying world is a grave error! If we truly believe the Lord’s command to us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves, then we must be the ones to take Jesus across the street and, in some cases, across the world.


See the one.

When I think of Anglican missions I love to think of Henry Martyn.  Henry was a missionary to India; he left Cornwall, England with the British East India Company in 1806 and died just six years later. You might think, what kind of impact can someone have in such a short time? Much in every way. Henry saw the people who spoke Urdu and wanted to make Jesus known to them.  And so he translated the New Testament, the Psalms, and the Book of Common Prayer into Urdu.  He saw and served a people for six years, and the impact continues to this day.

Today, more than three billion people are classified as “unreached” in the world. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9.37-38). If we are to ever share Jesus with the unreached, we need to see them whether they are across the world or across the street.

Share the One.

At New Wineskins, we capitalize the word “One” in this part of our mantra because we are talking about sharing the One true God. He has revealed himself intentionally to humanity, and we must never back away from sharing that Jesus is the only way to God, forgiveness, and to life. At New Wineskins we are committed to innovating ways to aid you in sharing the One—whether that be a new tool, a new project to join, or launching a new initiative.

One + One + One = 111!

This year we have one more exciting thing to share: there will be a call to be on mission, asking for every Anglican to be sent, whether that is across the street or across the world. Asking like this is a big blanket ask, but practically speaking, we are asking God and challenging his people to raise up 111 people to say “yes” to going on mission in 2023. 

It is an exciting time to be on mission! One of my living heroes, Dela Adadevoh, recently said, “If all of God’s people used all of God’s resources, then the Great Commission could be fulfilled in our generation.” I believe this is true, and that is what gets me out of bed each day to continue my work as a missionary—calling others to join with me to make Jesus known at home and abroad.  

Let’s make Jesus known together!

Published on

September 21, 2022


Jeremy McNeese

Jeremy McNeese is a partnership specialist with the Jesus Film Project and the former Associate Director of New Wineskins, a missionary network that exists to advance the Kingdom of God by mobilizing Anglicans for authentic, cross-cultural partnership around the world.

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