Told the Devil That I’m Going on a Strike: Kanye West for All Saints’ Day

“We could call ‘halfway believers’
Only halfway read Ephesians
Only if they knew what I knew
I was never new till I knew of
True and living God, Yeshua
The true and living God
Somebody pray for me.”

Since last week, I’ve been listening to Kanye West’s new album Jesus is King and not just enjoying it, but finding myself inspired by it.

This is an album that […]

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All Saints’ Day: A Rookie Anglican Guide

While the close of October is typically known for Halloween, its liturgical forerunner is All Hallows’ Eve (Oct. 31) followed by All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

Even though many saints of the church are remembered throughout the calendar year, All Saints’ provides a dedicated day to call to memory those saints who have led the way before us. We […]

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Spiritual Preparation for Election Day

The third presidential debate is over. Thanks be to God. Both major candidates have made their arguments. Independent and down-ballot candidates have made their case for the presidency, too. American Christians have more than enough information to discern their presidential choice, even if discernment is ongoing and that choice has not yet been made. We’re not impoverished for information; we […]

The Ache of All Saints Day

I cannot remember the last All Saints Sunday I sat in the pew instead of the chancel. But this All Saints Day I wasn’t collared and vested, leading the liturgy in the parish I serve. I was seated in a pew in another parish because I’m taking a sabbatical this autumn. Where does an Anglican priest on sabbatical attend worship […]

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What is All Saints Day?

Knowing Our Family

We’ve always been curious about our ancestors, to know where we came from and who we are. We’ve also wanted to gain wisdom from the experience of the past, both successes and failures. And we’ve desired communion and reunion of some sort.

I know of a family that discovered an brother/uncle that no one knew about until he was a […]

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Should We Let the Kids Trick or Treat?

Yes, we should, and we should welcome the costumed kids and parents in our neighborhoods.

The word ‘halloween’ comes from “All Hallow’s Eve.”  “All Hallows” is the Christian All Saints Day (November 1st). So Halloween just means “Eve of All Saints Day.” It is far from being a pagan or evil word. Ironically, a church near me changed their party name backward […]

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