¿Por qué obispos?

“Pastor Anglicano” is a collaboration between Anglican Pastor and Caminemos Juntos to deliver translated and original content in Spanish. The English original of the following piece is: Why Bishops? by Greg Goebel. Los anglicanos fueron una de las pocas iglesias reformadas que retuvieron a los obispos como bíblicos e históricos. La mayoría de los otros grupos, en nuestra humilde opinión, confundieron la hierba con [...]

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What is Confirmation?

What is Confirmation? Confirmation is a church practice that falls into the category of what the Anglican Catechism calls "rites and institutions commonly called sacraments." Along with Confirmation, there are four others like it: Absolution (confessing one's sins and receiving forgiveness in the presence of a priest), Ordination, Marriage, and Anointing the sick. These practices, or rites, are deeply charged [...]

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What Anglicanism is Not – by Tyler Kerley

For me, it is much easier to understand what Anglicanism is by first understanding what it is not. I am convinced of this helpful principle because my own personal journey into Anglicanism is an illustration of it. Catholic and Protestant: Neither, but Both Let’s be honest, most people think one of two things—perhaps even both!— whenever they hear “Anglicanism”: How [...]

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Episcopal Polity: How the Anglican Church Takes Care of Business – by Hunter Van Wagenen

This post is a part of Rookie Anglican, a blog dedicated to Making Anglicanism Accessible. Part 1 of 2. Authority isn’t a bad word Protestants, especially Western Protestants from democratic countries, who look at the Anglican Church from the outside will find a method of leadership that is quite foreign and perhaps distasteful. If we have been set free by [...]

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Thomas McKenzie’s The Anglican Way – A Review by Kyle Joudry

This post is a part of Rookie Anglican, a blog dedicated to Making Anglicanism Accessible. Background In the summer of 2016, my wife and I were preparing to move to a new city. Leading up to the move, we often returned to a discussion of searching for a new church community. She has been raised within the Baptist tradition and [...]

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Thank you Bishop, and Good-bye

Ten years ago Fran and I flew to Orlando to say some words to my former bishop, Donis Patterson.  We had not been friends, but when I had heard that his health was failing I felt we had to go to see him. To thank him. In 1985 he appointed me as 'Missioner' of the diocese and sent me to Plano to start a church. [...]

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Why Bishops?

The Anglicans were one of the few reformational churches that retained Bishops as biblical and historical. Most of the other groups, in our humble opinion, threw the Bishops out with the bathwater. We feel like that was a mistake. Here's why. First, because of history. In Paul's Epistles we find that there were presbyters (elders) that oversaw the churches. By [...]

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