The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop: A Foreword by Bob Duncan


Anglican Compass is proud to publish the Rev. Canon David Roseberry’s new book, The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop. It is already getting widespread acclaim from rectors, vestry members, and bishops throughout the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Below is the forward to the book by none other than the founding Archbishop and Primate (now Archbishop Emeritus) of the Anglican Church in North America, the Most Rev. Robert Duncan.

I am delighted to write a foreword for the new edition of The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop. The first release, The Rector and the Vestry, was an invaluable resource for the vestries and rectors of congregations in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).  I have used it extensively in my own ministry to parish leadership.  As a former diocesan bishop and first archbishop, I recognized the need for precisely this kind of comprehensive guide that explains our polity and practices, enabling our churches to prosper and grow.


David Roseberry, a dear friend and brother in Christ whom I have known for over two decades, has done a remarkable job improving this second edition, The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop. He rightly emphasizes the importance of honoring and strengthening the relationships between the rector, the vestry, and the bishop of the diocese.

I am particularly pleased that Canon Roseberry consulted with numerous bishops, including myself, to write the chapters on the purpose of a bishop and their role within a diocese and its congregations. His clear articulation of the significance of this office, along with his summary statements, is particularly helpful as we seek to be Anglicans together at our best.

David Roseberry’s extensive experience and deep personal commitment to the growth and flourishing of our churches make him an ideal author for this book. His unparalleled work in founding and developing Christ Church (Plano), one of the largest congregations in our Province, has provided him with invaluable insights. Having led numerous vestry meetings throughout his thirty-year tenure, David understands the rector’s pivotal role in a congregation’s life. The experiences and training he has acquired have shaped the content of this book, making it a rich source of wisdom and guidance.

Also, acknowledging the remarkable contributions to our Province made by Canon David is right in this context. He has consistently stepped forward, often before anyone recognized the need, to address critical issues. Initiatives such as hosting the influential conference “A Place to Stand,” hosting my consecration and investiture as the first Archbishop, serving as Board Chairman of Trinity School for Ministry, establishing the church planting movement Anglican 1000, and founding Matthew25 to serve those in need reflect his unwavering dedication to the Anglican Church in North America.

I firmly believe that the extensive research, writing, and development of The Rector, the Vestry, and the Bishop is yet another way in which David has provided our Province with what we truly need.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every rector, vestry member, and bishop within our Province. May rectors utilize it to teach and train their vestries, vestries employ it to support and enhance the vision and leadership of their rectors, and bishops incorporate it as they lead their dioceses in strengthening the indispensable ministry of our rectors, vestries, and congregations.

David Roseberry has my utmost appreciation for his diligent research, exceptional writing, and unwavering commitment to developing this valuable resource. On behalf of all who will benefit from this book, both now and in the future, I express our deepest gratitude.

The Most Rev. Robert Duncan, D.D.

Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, 2009–2014

Seventh Bishop of Pittsburgh

Trinitytide, 2023

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Published on

January 3, 2024


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