Ministry at Work: Meet Greg McBrayer, the Anglican Priest at the Heart of American Airlines

Perhaps our vision for "bi-vocational ministry" is far too small. That's what Fr. Greg McBrayer has me thinking. An Anglican priest and Chief Flight Dispatcher, he shows up to work at the world's largest airline in a clerical collar. Our own David Roseberry took the opportunity to interview Greg McBrayer on-site at the American Airlines Integrated Operations Center (IOC). [...]

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The Four Gs of a Bi-Vocational Minister: Part 1, Guts

As we look to have a conversation around bi-vocational ministry, a good start is taking the time to look at four key areas in the life of the minister: God, Gal/Guy (marriage), Guts (personal health) and Grit (professional work). These are called "the four G’s of the minister," a framework first introduced to me by Wes Barry, my church planting [...]

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Bi-Vocational Life: Connecting the Secular and Sacred in Pastoral Ministry (An Introduction)

Another Article about Bi-Vocational Ministry?! Articles about bi-vocational ministry are not uncommon. With a quick search on Google, readers could find articles that give both positive or negative feelings on bi-vocational ministry. When praying through my call to bi-vocational ministry, I spent many hours reading these articles. However, to me, bi-vocational ministry had more of a negative connotation than a [...]

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Tentmaker Priest

I am a tentmaker priest. I know that the “modern” term is bi-vocational minister, but I prefer tentmaker; it connects me in straight-line fashion to the Apostle Paul and to his free-of-charge Gospel ministry. I do not boast in this as Paul did; I can find no cause to.  It is good and proper for a priest to earn his [...]

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