Paying the Pastor: How to Figure Out Compensation for Clergy

As the Evergreen Project continues to create, collect, and curate the best resources for a thriving church, the issue of clergy compensation is unavoidable.

About a year ago, I wrote an article about this topic as part of a series on Awkward Church Questions.

  1. Who should have access to the giving records?
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How Much Should We Pay the Pastor? (Awkward Church Questions, pt. 2)

These are the awkward questions during any board or Vestry meeting. You can feel a quiet come over the room. Everyone is hoping the subject will pass.

But there are five awkward questions that your church needs to be able to discuss.

Previously, we tackled the question of access to giving records. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough to open a dialogue. […]

Three Thoughts About That Church Budget Shortfall

I regularly visit churches around the country and about this time of year, a new, semi-liturgical ceremony begins around the church budget. (I participated in it myself during my three decades in ministry. It became something totally normal for me; it’s only now that I’m in the pews most Sundays that I’ve realized how odd this little ritual is.)

It usually begins […]

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