3 Aspects of Christian Living: A Framework for Thinking about Discipleship

How would you explain “discipleship” to a new believer? How would you help a busy person know how to grow and live as a Christian?

If you are a trained pastor or theologian, you might have a lot to say about discipleship. It might even feel difficult to summarize.

One could say, “Living as a Christian just means loving God and loving […]

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Baptism: The First Step of Family Discipleship

I am all about believers’ baptism. Dunk ‘em. Let’s do it. A couple weeks into my time as assistant rector at my local parish, we celebrated as a church family when the father of one of our members was baptized as an adult Christian believer.

I am also all about infant baptism. Sprinkle that child. Let’s […]

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What is Catechesis?

The Ancient Roots of Catechesis

 The word catechesis comes from the Greek word katēcheō, which means simply to teach or instruct. It appears some eight times in the New Testament—four by Luke (Luke 1:4; Acts 18:25; 21:21, 24) and four by Paul (Rom. 2:18, 1 Cor. 14:19; Gal. 6:6, where it occurs twice)—usually to refer to a more general notion of […]

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Pastoral Leadership and the Economy

The decline of the American church is often overblown. However, we have felt a seismic shift in cultural values in the 21st century. Even in the ‘Bible Belt’, it can’t simply be presumed that most people’s moral frameworks are founded on even a hazy understanding of the Bible.

In looking for guidance in the behaviors of […]

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Trellises and Vines

The Church is a tended vine. The metaphor runs through all of scripture, from Isaiah 5 to John 15. It’s our model for making disciples. But have we taken a moment to ask what we know about the plants themselves? Consider:

  • Vines offer less to look at than perhaps any other plant. There’s just no […]

Encouraging Family Discipleship

Having children is one of life’s most wonderful privileges, and it carries with it an amazing responsibility to shape the hearts and lives of our children. In fact, I can’t think of any greater responsibility than being entrusted with a human life. We have been made stewards of the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our children.

Grace is Key to […]

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Becoming a Mature Christian Is More Than Learning Information

Maturity in our Faith requires no secret or advanced knowledge. Yes, the gospel and the creeds are a great mystery that we can spend a lifetime pondering and studying. But, nonetheless, our Faith is public, knowable, and learnable. The catechism shows us exactly that, and its a wonderful way to learn. But the catechism itself teaches us that maturity is not […]

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Family Discipleship

I am very encouraged the upcoming Anglican family Gathering at Christ Church, Plano, Texas this coming October, written about here at AnglicanPastor by David Roseberry. We need a revival of family discipleship that begins in the home.

Parenting is an amazing responsibility. I will never forget February 25, 2004. It was the day our first daughter was born. It […]

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