Anglican, with a Love of Icons

Emanuel Burke previously shared his Anglican journey here: “Anglican, for the Love of God.” In this post below, Emanuel shares about his journey into iconography. If you’d like to support his work, check out his Patreon page.

Icons? Aren’t they idolatrous?

Many Western Christians, particularly in America, have a difficult time understanding why icons are so meaningful and integral to […]

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Aids to Anglican Worship: How Christian Imagery and Icons Can Help You Worship God

Christian Imagery

Our Creator gave us physical senses to experience the world around us.  In His mercy and wisdom, He inspired His people to create various aids to worship that engage those senses.

One category of such an aid is that of Christian imagery – images and artwork specifically intended to help in the act of worshiping God by providing a focus […]

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Are Icons Okay to Use in Prayer and Worship?

A long time ago on a continent far, far away, Christians had several councils to discern whether icons and sacred images could be used to aid worship and prayer. Iconoclasts wanted no images or icons, and Iconophiles wanted to retain them.

After a lot of debate and prayer over centuries, it was finally determined that if a person is looking to […]

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