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Classic resources from the founding team of Anglican Compass.

A Tribute to Thomas McKenzie

Posted on August 24, 2021

Thomas avoids the temptation to turn Anglicanism into a subject to merely be dissected, instead choosing to be a guide along the way as someone is seeking to be formed as a Christian, and as an Anglican. I vividly remember sitting in my car in the parking lot of the Music and Arts store here,…

Pastors and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Nonviolence

Posted on January 18, 2021

Pastors often struggle to discern how to advocate for social change when public advocacy is so fraught with the possibilities of violence, division, and partisan power. Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, led a movement for social change in racial inequality and oppression, poverty injustice, and unjust warfare. He did so as a pastor and…

Can Habits Make us Holy? 

Posted on January 7, 2021

Does changing your habits change your life? Can you become healthier, happier, or holier if you incorporate new, small daily habits into your life?  I decided to start this year off with a new habit. I have to work out regularly because I have arthritis. If I don’t work out, I feel terrible all day….

Every Writer Needs a Good Editor! Here’s How You Can Help

Posted on November 9, 2020

I have been in writing ministry for over twenty years. I hate to admit it, but I still need a good editor!  The pastors and laypeople who write for us are volunteers. They are busy in their ministry, and yet they take the time to share insights, explanations, and inspirations with us all. Our managing…

Why Do Anglicans Bow to the Cross?

Posted on August 27, 2020

I was a new Anglican, trying to participate by watching everyone else. I heard a voice shout “Please stand” and then “Blessed be God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!” As a cross passed, some people bowed their heads. Parade of Clergy? Everyone stood up as we sang a hymn. I was looking…

Read Esau McCaulley’s “Reading While Black” with Your Church!

Posted on July 8, 2020

In Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope, the Rev. Canon Dr. Esau McCaulley has captured for us the “ongoing conversation between the collective Black experience and the Bible.” This is a timely book for today, when many Anglican churches in North America are seeking to learn from the Black…

Interactive Easter Vigil for Home Use with Music Selections

Posted on April 8, 2020

Are you at home for the Easter Vigil? We have created an webpage with a guided tour of the Great Vigil of Easter, BCP 2019, with music links for streaming. You can learn more about Holy Week and the Easter Vigil here. Visit the Great Vigil of Easter Page The liturgy normally assumes a church…

The Church is Not Closed

Posted on April 1, 2020

Churches all over the world are not holding public gatherings, and are moving their ministries to online or one-on-one ministry. They do this as an act of love, not out of fear. But we are not closed; we are more active than ever. Fear is understandable, and we should take this virus seriously. But we…

I’m Afraid. Are You?

Posted on March 30, 2020

We all feel fear. Fear of viruses affecting loved ones, financial fears, or just a general sense of foreboding. During any time of crisis or disorientation, fear is a natural and normal reaction. In fact, without fear, the human race would not survive. It warns us of danger, based on our ability to anticipate what…