How to Pastor Converts from Islam: An Interview with Duane Miller about His New Book, “I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name”

The following is an interview with Anglican Compass author Duane Miller about his new book, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam.

How might this book help an Anglican pastor on the ground in ministry?

Anglican churches, schools, […]

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Are Muslims Coming to Faith in Christ?

A LeaderWorks Interview:
Scholar, Lecturer, Anglican and Author Dr. Duane Miller

Is it true that Muslims are coming to faith in Christ in record numbers?  Really?  What happens with a Muslim comes to faith in Christ?  Duane Miller is an expert on the subject and sat with me for a few minutes to […]

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Christians and Muslims

An interview with Dr. Warren Larson. Dr. Larson is a faculty member of the Seminary and School of Ministry at Columbia International University. Due to his understanding of radical Islam, he has been quoted widely in both Christian and secular publications. His book on religious extremism in Pakistan and its effect on Christian ministry was chosen as one of […]

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