COVID–19 and the Death of Death

Death is on people’s minds these days, whether they want it to be or not. According to a recent report by White House science advisors, there is a chance that between 100,000 and 240,000 people will die because of the Coronavirus. In the face of such a staggering number of fatalities, what each of us does, or does not do, [...]

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How to Read the Psalms for All They’re Worth

“The Psalms are the single best guide to the spiritual life currently in print.” – Ellen Davis, Getting Involved with God “The Psalms are inexhaustible, and deserve to be read, said, sung, chanted, whispered, learned by heart, and even shouted from the rooftops. They express all the emotions we are ever likely to feel (including some we hope we may [...]

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Chanting the Psalter in Plainsong, Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

In Part 1, we discussed how to navigate the unfamiliar waters of choosing and using a plainsong psalter (including the pros and cons of Saint Dunstan's Plainsong Psalter and the Nashotah House Plainsong Psalter), and how to know how the match the text of a pointed Psalm to the music written in the Psalm Tone. In his "Ode on a Grecian Urn," John [...]

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Chanting the Psalter in Plainsong, pt. 1: How to Read a Psalm Tone

You might not know it from the contemporary practice of church music, but God’s people have chanted the Psalms for centuries. Some Psalm tones (the melodic patterns  used for every verse of the Psalm) trace back to first-century synagogues. There is even evidence to suggest that particular Psalm Tones have long been associated with particular Psalms since their use in [...]

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Here Are All the Morning and Evening Prayer Scripture Readings for this Church Year (ACNA Daily Office Lectionary Year B, 2017-2018)

UPDATE: The ACNA has released a new (January 2018) Daily Office Lectionary. CLICK HERE to access the new version. In the interests of making the ACNA Daily Office Liturgies and Lectionary more accessible, I've been creating Rookie Anglican Daily Office Booklets for just over a year. As I prepare to release the next Daily Office Booklet (for Christmastide through Pentecost, [...]

Facebook was Killing my Prayer Life

I had to do something about it. Facebook was killing my prayer life. Thankfully, I stumbled on what to do; I pulled the trigger on the remedy a few weeks ago and it has helped. But Facebook was killing my prayer life. I am embarrassed to admit it publicly, but perhaps there are other slackers out there that might be helped [...]

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