A Tale of Two Weddings: How Far Should We Stretch the Liturgy?

Ah, Spain. A beautiful country where, every now and then, non-Catholics who are Christians get married. Or a Roman Catholic gets married to a non-Catholic, which often means no Catholic wedding.

And sometimes these folks come to us Anglicans.

Just how much can the Anglican liturgy be modified?

In this article, I want to share my own experience as an Anglican pastor […]

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On Publishing the Banns of Marriage

This coming Sunday and in today’s email, the church plant I serve will have a “first” of sorts – the first time the Banns of Marriage will be published. The Banns of Marriage are an ancient custom and have been canonically binding in the West since the 13th Century. Bann in the Middle English simply means “proclamation,” and the […]

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Will You Marry Me?

by Greg Goebel 

I’ve been asked the question, “Will you marry me?” many times. And I’ve married a few people. I mean I’ve officiated at wedding, I’ve actually only been married once (for life). But in reality its not always framed as a question. Sometimes its “Guess what! You’re going to marry us!”

The minister is often seen as an ornament to […]

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The Wedding, Anglican Style

At an Anglican wedding, almost everyone can leave happy.

I once officiated a wedding in which the groom’s family was Baptist and the bride’s was Roman Catholic. Both grandmothers gave me a kiss on the cheek after the ceremony. The Baptist grandma loved hearing Scripture read, and the Roman Catholic grandma loved the sacramental reverence. Everyone loves the Prayer Book service, […]

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