Ancient Anglican Evangelism

There is a perception that Anglicans in North America don’t have our own history of evangelism. Or at least not one that comes from within our own tradition. Not true! The church in England began by a powerful evangelistic mission that followed Jesus’ commands in Luke’s Gospel. So the Anglican tradition has within itself a powerful story of evangelism and […]

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Re-Evangelizing: Back to the Basics

Have you considered how dangerous it is to be a Christian? Perhaps not so much for us, but for millions of Christians around the world, the name of Jesus upon the lips of the believer can be life-threatening. From the earliest depictions of martyrdom, to the tragic reports of the victims of modern day terror, we see heroic accounts of what it […]

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Dear American Christian…

I recently saw a T-Shirt with the Statue of Liberty on it and the Bible verse “you are the light of the world.” I once saw a person stand in front of an altar and a cross in a church and heard them say “God raised up America to save the world.” People, quite often, tell me that America has […]

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