Ten Reasons Why This Next Trip to the Holy Land is for You


In just a few weeks, the registration for the November Holy Land trip (November 12-21) will begin to close. Register quickly! If you have been thinking and praying about it…it is time to act. In the closing weeks of registration, I want to reiterate what makes this trip unique. Here are ten great reasons to join us:

1. Customization

All of the trips I’ve led have allowed for flexibility and customization, but this time I’ve taken it to a whole new level. I have selected some of the most important sites in the Holy Land to visit, but we will also go new places and hear new voices and guides. We will stop and pray and worship and learn and grow and find God’s blessings along the way. Consider this a customized spiritual pilgrimage.


2. Relaxation

There’s a temptation on overseas trips to crowd the itinerary. But it can feel like drinking from a firehose. This trip has been designed to eliminate hurry and stress. We will enjoy a more relaxed pace, giving time to enjoy the sites and our accommodations. We will be fully present to where God leads us and drink deeply of the abundance the Holy Land offers.

3. Smaller Size

Many tours of the Holy Land have several busses to deal with—with greater fellowship comes greater logistical challenges, more delays, etc. Our intentionally smaller group will be able to engage more personally, travel more lightly, and grow closer than larger tour groups.

4. Five Stars

There is something to be said for roughing it, and I’ve experienced the full scope of accommodations and amenities across the Holy Land over the years. Now, because of the relationships we’ve formed over decades of traveling, we’ve secured rates at some of Israel’s top hotels to provide a truly luxurious experience for our travelers. This is your opportunity to soak it all in.

5. Depth

The whirlwind pace of other tours allows travelers to get a quick snapshot for a scrapbook. Maybe a quick anecdote to tell friends and family back home. This tour is going to go deep. We will spend significant time in some of the most pivotal locations in the Holy Land, looking at the biblical relevance, history, archaeology, and modern politics of each site. And we will do all of this through the lens of the Gospel message.

6. Back Stage

Over the years I have led trips, I have seen closed doors and hidden passageways in churches that I have always wanted to explore. I’ve worked with our stellar guides to get those doors opened, to give all of us a behind-the-scenes experience we will never forget.

7. Culture

Part of the five-star experience on this trip is the unprecedented exposure to Israel’s culture. We will meet with rabbis, artists, chefs, scholars, and guides to get a glimpse of Israel not only as it was in biblical times, but to get a sense of its present vitality as well.

8. Fine Dining

The cuisine will be amazing! We will dine at some of the best hotels in Israel, but we will also venture out to some fine restaurants as well. You will be blown away! Even better—this is all included in the price.

9. Extended Time in Jerusalem

We will have added time in the Holy City to explore its riches. There is so much more to see in Jerusalem beyond the standard tourist sites. We will safely explore the streets, shops, museums, markets, galleries, and the hidden gems of this remarkable city.

10. Timing

The climate in Israel in November is perfect for exploring, and the summer crowds will have dwindled. But there’s a more personal reason this time is so ideal—imagine arriving back home just before Thanksgiving with a heart full of gratitude for the goodness of God, being filled afresh with the Holy Spirit. There really is no better time for pilgrims like us!

Speaking of timing…time is of the essence! It’s time to get your registration completed and get your deposit in to save your place on this one-of-a-kind, custom Holy Land experience!

Contact me with any questions or details you want to discuss.

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July 30, 2018


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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