United in Orthodox Anglicanism: An Agreed Statement


United in Orthodox Anglicanism

In the Anglican household of faith there exists profound agreement across evangelical and catholic lines. Likewise, Anglican Compass and The North American Anglican enjoy agreement of purpose according to our specific vocations. We the leaders of these respective ministries seek to provide a trustworthy resource for orthodox Anglicans, to remain faithful against secular trends, and avoid unnecessary partisan conflict. We are committed to the authority of Holy Scripture and the historic Anglican formularies. We therefore offer this statement of mutual recognition and recommendation of these ministries, the one in the capacity of a guide to the Anglican faith (Anglican Compass) and the other as a platform for deep engagement with the principals of Anglican theology (The North American Anglican), for the edification and building up of an orthodox Anglican Church here in North America and beyond.

The Vocation of Anglican Compass

Anglican Compass serves as a digital front porch. We seek to be visible, accessible, welcoming, and winsome. Writing with clarity and charity, we offer a warm introduction to Rookie Anglicans, and provide deeper resources for Missions, the Family, the Pastor, and the Arts. Though we always write with the newcomer in mind, experienced Anglicans also benefit from our articles, as a refresher, an explorer, or as a resource to share with others. We do not focus on debates within the church, but we do draw contrasts between the church and the world. We help readers navigate life by pointing them to Jesus.


The Vocation of The North American Anglican

The North American Anglican exists to provide a forum for high-level theological engagement, on uniquely Anglican topics of interest as well as those pertaining to all orthodox Christians. As such, our online journal is written by and for: academics, priests, and astute laymen who wish to see a thriving North American Anglican church, built upon a solid theological framework. In this cause we maintain a variety of commitments: promoting and encouraging the uniquely male vocation to the priesthood, celebrating the classic editions of the Book of Common Prayer as a living tradition, and the Anglican formularies as a faithful presentation of Evangelical and Catholic truths found in the sacred scriptures.

To the Glory of God

In issuing this agreed statement we hope to provide encouragement and confidence to orthodox Anglicans by our example of unity in devotion to Christ and His mission in the Church. We commit our work to the glory of God and commend it to His provision.

O Lord, our heavenly Father, keep your household the Church continually in your true religion, that we who trust in the hope of your heavenly grace may always be defended by your mighty power; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.

(Collect for Epiphany 5)

~ Peter Johnston, Ministry President of Anglican Compass

~ Jesse Nigro, Editor-in-Chief of The North American Anglican

United in the Household of Faith

Published on

January 16, 2023


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