Want to Help Your Church Grow in Generosity? Check Out The Evergreen Project


The Evergreen Project site is live! Go there now to see what awaits you and your congregation.

We are just getting started, but there are plenty of things to help you grow your congregation’s understanding of the vision and values of generosity and stewardship.


What is The Evergreen Project?

The Evergreen Project is going to be great for every congregation that will join in the journey. The project is a five-year effort on behalf of the Anglican Church in North America to help every congregation and diocese to embrace, build, develop, and exhibit the biblical value of generosity. There is a good deal of excitement and enthusiasm for this cooperative effort and it could have wonderful benefits for you, your church, and the community where you serve.

Here are just a few things you will be able to take advantage of right away.

1. Our first webinar: “Building Generosity in the Slow Months of Summer”

All of the webinars are/will be featured on our YouTube channel here.

2. Join us for our next Webinar, “Is Your Church a Generous Church?” (April 9, 1:00pm CST)

This teaching will feature a very simple way to determine your GQ, or Generosity Quotient. I will show how useful this simple measurement can be for your own parish assessment and forecasting.

Sign up here for Webinar #2!

3. Generosity Sermons

We opened up a SoundCloud account for the sermons that we have available. There will be more coming, so check back often.

4. Newsletter Content

We are mailing (Bulk Rate) The Evergreen Newsletter at critical times in the church calendar. The first edition is out at can be accessed on the website. Future editions will be archived at the site too.

There will be other events and updates available to you throughout the year. Please check back with us at Evergreen for more information as we go forward.

Just think for a moment of what your church could do in your community if you became known for generosity.

I don’t mean simply increase of giving from the people in the pews to the programs of the church through the offering plate. I mean something much wider and all-encompassing.

What if, for example, your church was well known for what it was doing, giving, sharing, and providing for those people around you? What if, as was the case in the early church, people would hear about your church and know that THAT church was making a difference.

In the next few months, as things start to roll out from The Evergreen Project headquarters, I want to be ensure that we never lose sight of one central idea. We are here to help YOU and YOUR church become a generous church. We are here to SERVE YOU.

The Evergreen Project will publish accessible and biblical teaching on stewardship, giving, generosity, outreach, and involvement in your community.

Particularly, this fall every church will have an opportunity to adapt a parish-wide emphasis in stewardship. There will be adult study material, preaching outlines, devotional writing, video-based testimony preparation, and much more. Initial preview material is scheduled to be available at the Assembly in June; the full program contents will be in a downloadable form by August 1st.

Your church can participate in a special “Evergreen Pilot Congregation Program.”

As an Evergreen Pilot Church, you will be asked to take an initial reading or ‘benchmark’ for your congregation and then, through regular online tutorial sessions, begin a Generosity program in your own context. I will be your guide during this time. You will learn how to develop a 12-month focus on generosity, bring clarity to your vision, teach the vestry and leadership, and create a mini-movement in your own congregation.

Generosity will grow your church!

Guaranteed! How? Because, as your church becomes a giving church, it has a tremendous spill-over effect in your community. The members of your church will see for themselves the truth of Jesus’ example and Paul’s teaching on the subject. They will be converted not just to the person and character of Jesus Christ, but also to His amazing way to crossing boundaries and borders and barriers to show people the true nature of a loving and giving God.

Go to TheEvergreenProject.org and see what resources are already there. Sign-up to receive email updates. You will see how The Evergreen Project can be ‘Ever Good’ for your church.

P.S. One More Thing…

Rectors, if you want to join in our Evergreen Pilot Congregations Program, please send an email asap to “Kelly [AT] LeaderWorks.org.” We will get you on board right away. We have already begun our efforts, but we have a few more spots available.

An Evergreen Pilot Congregation program will give a church a front row seat to the teaching, content, coaching, programming, and opportunities developing at The Evergreen Project. Any church of any size can participate as a Pilot Congregation. More information will be available in the coming weeks; but let us know if you are interested.

Published on

April 5, 2019


David Roseberry

David Roseberry leads the nonprofit ministry, LeaderWorks. He was the founding rector of Christ Church, Plano, Texas, and is the author of many books. He lives in Plano with his wife, Fran.

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