Derek DeMars


Derek DeMars is a seminary grad, writer, husband, father, and self-proclaimed armchair theologian. He attends St. Benedict’s Anglican Church in Rockwall, TX, and writes about theology and ministry at Theology Pathfinder. When he’s not busy, you can probably find him goofing off with his beautiful wife, Ainslee, and their two boys, Declan and Felix, reading a good book, watching cooking shows, or playing Nintendo games.

Finding a Fuller Table in Anglicanism

Posted on April 6, 2021

“A meal tastes best when you’re hungry.”  It’s such an obvious truth, and one that my parish priest has been fond of repeating during the season of Lent. It explains why Anglicans traditionally fast in the days leading up to Easter. And it also, I think, captures a lot about my recent journey into Anglican…