Herb Bailey

Herb Bailey


The Rev. Herb Bailey is the Executive Ministry Director and National Director of Ministries Church Army USA. He is the former director for Uncommon Grounds Café, a base for CAUSA. He is looking forward to breaking ground on the community park in Aliquippa. Uncommon Grounds Café is run by evangelists and volunteers. They reach the least, the last, and the lost with the gospel of Christ through listening and offering dignity. Uncommon Grounds Café is a space for Churches to learn and practice the Great Commission through volunteering, work missions, and training. It is a space for transition from isolation to community.

Come Be A Gracist: A Recommendation of Gracism by David A. Anderson

Posted on January 4, 2018

Note: The Anglican Multi-Ethnic Network exists to help Anglicans in North America better reflect the diversity of the body of Christ in local churches so that our churches’ ethnic make-up manifests the universal saving power of the gospel and its ability to unite all people under the lordship of Christ. Part of that work involves…