Last week I posted some thoughts about the cost of church planting. I also included a You Tube video interview with Alex Wilgus, of the Greenhouse Movement.  Alex helped us see how the funding of a church plant can be ‘raised’ through deputation; praying for support and asking friends and family to consider giving to the work.

Right after shooting the video with Alex, I had some time with Joshua Lickter, an Anglican priest in Roseville, CA. He has a different approach to finding the resources for a church plant. He has developed a business! He opened a downtown shop; a hip-looking coffee house called The Figtree. Sweet!

Joshua says that having a business like this is an almost instant entree into the lives and circles of the other businesses leaders in the area. Joshua is known as ‘that priest’ with the coffee shop. And on Sunday morning, the shop is closed as a coffee shop and is opened up as a church plant.

I’ll bet they serve great coffee after church too.

The full post from LeaderWorks is here.  The video is below.