Here’s How to Plant a Church as an Introvert

You can do this. It’s amazing to plant new churches, and Anglicans actively seek more of it. “But”—you might say—“I’m an introvert.” Me too. And I want to think with you about being an introvert and a church planter, with help from a few others who are like us. Whether you’re a pastor or a lay leader, please take a [...]

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Real Presence: Reclaiming the Legacy of Anglo-Catholic Church Planting

When it comes to Anglican church planting, we often think of modern evangelical or charismatic examples such as Holy Trinity Brompton in London. But what about the Anglo-Catholic movement that has its roots in the “Oxford Movement” of the nineteenth century? Are Anglo-Catholic Church Planters a Thing? Let’s be honest, when you hear think of the Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism, [...]

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Barista, Priest, and Planter

Last week I posted some thoughts about the cost of church planting. I also included a You Tube video interview with Alex Wilgus, of the Greenhouse Movement.  Alex helped us see how the funding of a church plant can be 'raised' through deputation; praying for support and asking friends and family to consider giving to the work. Right after shooting [...]

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The First Question to Ask Before You Ask!

Note:  All my life I have had to ask for money...and in the back of my mind has been a reluctance.  A guilt. How could I?  I'm taking away from them! But Alex Wilgus clears this up in the first few minutes of this video below. Simple wisdom. One of the great challenges for the church planting is finding funds. [...]

Formal Liturgy and the Church Plant – RezAustin, Pt. 2

The Rev. Canon David Roseberry is Executive Director of LeaderWorks I posted a video last week of Fr. Shawn McCain of RezAustin. This is part of an ongoing series at LeaderWorks to showcase some of the talent and ministry leaders in our Anglican Church in North American. (Shawn is with the Diocese of Church for the Sake of [...]

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WATCH: Part 2 – A Call to Plant a Church

A week ago I added a blog post featuring Shawn McCain and his church plant in Austin. He spoke about the vision he has for RezAustin and what it is like to work in a start-up church plant. As I mentioned in the post, Shawn is a great thinker. He is also, humble and clear in his views. Part 2: I [...]

WATCH: A Call to Plant a Church

A week or so ago I had the chance to sit with one of the church planters in our diocese (C4SO) from the Austin area. Shawn is one of a growing number of young leaders that have sensed a strong call to ministry in the Anglican Church in North America. However, he's done more than that; he has answered a [...]

Why Common Sense Fails Us in Leading a Church or Church Plant

Someone is starting a church plant, but has no special training, experience or study in church planting. They're planning to just gather a group for prayer and worship, and see what happens. Often that's exactly what they've been told to do. These are priests who have been trained in the Bible, theology, preaching, pastoral ministry --but not church planting. They are [...]

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The “Mere Church”

Three decades ago, church planting was hailed as the single most effective form of evangelism. The expert in this field was Dr. C. Peter Wagner of Fuller.  His statement is legendary: “Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.”  There are LOTS of other evangelistic methods for reaching non-believing people: outreach programs, visitation campaign, public crusades, radio/TV, [...]

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You Might Be A Church Planter If…

(From the author's blog at LeaderWorks) A seminarian wrote me about a possible call from God to plant a church. He was excited to ask about his potential…what it would take and how he should prepare to undertake the task. He asked, “How could I know if I am a church planter?” I could not help thinking about how Jeff Foxworthy might handle this [...]

Sacramental Imagination for Church Planting

“Does the Eucharist setup your chairs?” Brainstorming about sacraments and mission in Southern California, a friend of mine asked me this rather cheeky question. We were exploring what it meant to plant churches sacramentally. That is, not just starting new churches that celebrate sacraments, but what it means to start new churches in a sacramental way. How, for example, do [...]

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Want Your Church to Grow?

So you want your church to grow, do you?  Listen, I get it, every pastor wants their church to grow. And it’s not just selfish ambition, although there will always be some of that. On our best days, we know the hard work we put into preaching and pastoral care, in equipping our people to serve in ministries and reach [...]

Liturgical Church is Weird For People Here…and That’s a Good Thing

Gary Ball Is it possible to plant a liturgical church? This is a question I had to ask myself just over a year ago as we began our effort to plant an Anglican church in Asheville, North Carolina. I had to evaluate whether I was forcing what I valued onto a culture that had no interest—that it would it not resonate [...]

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Story of a Multicultural Church Plant

With over 337 languages, the United States has become one of the most multicultural and multilingual nations on earth. To meet the challenge, the Anglican Church in North America has embraced a broad range of individuals who are carrying out the church planting mission. Through this diversity, one can see that one size does not fit all and one model [...]

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Why the Parish?

Many people coming to Anglicanism from other Christian traditions are surprised by the use of the term parish. They had always referred to their church as simply “church” or “congregation.” But now, this word parish is used. What is a parish? It it different? And if so, how? And why? Let's lay out two understandings of what defines a parish. The first is a canonical [...]

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Introducing The Sacramental Imagination

Our church plant’s first major purchase was a chalice. Why? The Eucharist is Christianity’s first and ultimate church planting strategy. It’s not just a sentimental moment to recall our Lord’s sacrifice. The Holy Eucharist is the celebration and realization of God reconciling all things through Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:19, Col 1:20). If this is true, then our participation in the [...]

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Why We Plant 3: Mission

"Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you." John 20:21 In many missionary circles it is often said: “The Church doesn't have a mission. God has a mission. And His mission has a Church.” Quite right! God the Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord was sent into this world by [...]

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Why Plant Churches Part 2: Worship

“...that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,  and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:10-11) There are many ideas prevalent today as to just what a church should do. Some will say that the Church exists for social [...]

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My Anglican Journey: Greg Goebel

Last year I sat down to share my journey into Anglicanism. My plan was to start from my "pastor's kid" upbringing, a period of church limbo, my call to this church tradition, our time in a church plant, and then the call to holy orders, as well as my experience as an Anglican Rector in a church plant that became an [...]

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Why Plant More Churches?

Part One: Our World Needs More Churches We live in the midst of one of the greatest mission fields the Church has ever seen. In North America today, there are almost 160 million unchurched and unreached people. We are reaching a point at which American Christians have a greater opportunity for mission staying exactly where they are than heading overseas. The [...]

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My Anglican Journey 7: Church Planting

  I’m going to conclude this series by talking about my experience in Anglican Church Planting. At Resurrection around 2007 or 2008. I don’t consider myself to be a “Church Planter” for two reasons. First, I was not the initial planting priest in either of the two church plants I’ve been a part of. At Church of the [...]

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