Learn About the Essential Texts of the Christian Faith: Introducing the “This We Believe” Podcast


Have you wondered how you can continue to grow in your knowledge of God during this difficult time? Do you want to learn more about the essentials of the Christian faith, but don’t know where to begin? If so, I would like to invite you to listen to the “This We Believe” podcast, which answers these questions by going line by line through the essential texts of the Christian faith.

Why is a focus on specific texts a helpful way to grow in our relationship with Christ?

Throughout the Church’s history, Christian growth has centered upon developing the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love, and the teaching of the Church has focused on specific texts as the basis for developing these virtues: 


  1. The Apostles’ Creed tied to the virtue of faith
  2. The Our Father to the virtue of hope, and 
  3. The Ten Commandments and the summary of the law to the virtue of love

Anglicanism has integrated the inculcation of these virtues into its worship through the continual recitation of the creeds, the Our Father, and the Decalogue. The Church’s catechetical teaching was in turn based in part on the explanation of the contents of these foundational church texts.

One way we can understand how Christians grow in this way is to think about how a child learns language.

Parents do not begin by giving formal instruction on language, spelling, or grammar. Rather, they talk to their children, engaging them in conversation before they can respond. Later, as their language skills develop, formal instruction is added. The creeds, the Our Father, and the Decalogue are in many ways the language and grammar of Christianity. New Christians begin by simply hearing and reciting these words, slowly grasping the new language as an infant learns their native tongue. Later, formal instruction is given to help to understand the meaning and significance of what is recited. 

I created the “This We Believe” podcast to carry on this tradition of helping to form faith, hope, and love by using these key Christian texts.

By using the platform of a podcast series, I hope to reach those who already utilize podcasts as a learning tool, as well as to help pastors who are desiring to continue Sunday School and Christian formation during a global pandemic. This podcast has emerged out of my desire to continue Christian education within my own congregation during this pandemic, and I have found it to be a simple yet effective way to receive a comprehensive Christian education.

Each season of This We Believe will use key texts as springboards for examining the essentials of Christian belief and practice. 

  1. The first season will examine the core tenets of Christian faith, using the Apostles’ Creed as a guide. 
  2. The second season will examine how Christian’s are called to love, using the Ten Commandments, 
  3. and the third season will examine Christian hope with the help of the Our Father. 

While each season will progress through these documents, each episode will be centered around a specific topic and a specific question. There will be episodes devoted, for instance, 

  • to the Cross, 
  • to the Holy Spirit, 
  • to heaven and hell. 

Other episodes will answer key questions: 

  • What happens when I die? 
  • Why is there suffering the world? 
  • How do I take a sabbath? 

This will enable people to jump right in at any episode of their choosing. 

The purpose of This We Believe is to provide an insightful and accessible theological education for both the young and old in Christ. So whether one has been following Jesus for 8 days or 8 decades, they are going to find something new and helpful from this podcast. For pastors, I will be providing discussion guides for those who wish to utilize any of these episodes as part of their Christian formation programs.

The goal of this podcast is not just the dissemination of knowledge, but also to show how the knowledge of God has the power to impact and change our lives in the present. So ultimately the hope is that all of us would grow in our knowledge of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and grow in the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love, expecting that this knowledge would strengthen our love of God and draw us closer to Him.

To view individual episodes, visit our website: https://thiswebelieve.buzzsprout.com/

You can subscribe here: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1452079.rss

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Published on

December 16, 2020


Michael Niebauer

The Rev. Michael Niebauer is the pastor of Incarnation Church in State College, PA, and a teaching fellow at Trinity School for Ministry.

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