How to Make Disciples at Home: Use the Creeds!

In giving the Great Commission, Jesus does not call us to make converts, nor does he call us to make professional theologians. He calls us to make disciples. Then He plainly tells us the “Who” – all nations – and the “How” – baptize and instruct in the teachings of Christ. This is both a manageable and weighty […]

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Learn About the Essential Texts of the Christian Faith: Introducing the “This We Believe” Podcast

Have you wondered how you can continue to grow in your knowledge of God during this difficult time? Do you want to learn more about the essentials of the Christian faith, but don’t know where to begin? If so, I would like to invite you to listen to the “This We Believe” podcast, which answers these questions by […]

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We Need a Path To Develop Mature Christians. Could Catechesis Be the Answer?

Alpha is great, but we need more! 

You’ve probably heard of the Alpha Course. Alpha is a place for seeking, curious, or burned-out people to ask questions and explore the basics of the Christian faith without judgment or expectation to believe. Some people use it to introduce people to the Christian faith, others as […]

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Manipulating Catechesis: A Note of Caution

As one who thinks and writes a lot about catechesis, I was delighted to read Zachary Jones’ recent article, “Catechesis as a Weapon against Racism.” In it, Jones makes the salient but easily neglected point that racism is a cosmic as well as terrestrial force, a battle over what it means to be human as well as […]

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Don’t Miss The Christian Essentials Series from Lexham Press (A Review)

When it comes to learning the essentials of the Christian faith, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel (in fact, please don’t!).

Christians have covered the basics in a process of instruction and learning called “catechesis” for centuries. And documents used for this purposed (called “catechisms”) have frequently focused on the Apostles’ Creed, the […]

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Is Christian Maturity Attainable? It Depends on How You Define It

Growing up in the Church, Scripture passages that tell me to be perfect, mature, or grow up in Christ gave me both a pit in my stomach and a desire for maturity. I wanted to be mature, but it always felt like an impossible feat. Have you felt that? It kind of feels like the Christian equivalent of […]

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Catechesis as a Weapon against Racism

These are trying times in our country. As if a global pandemic was not bad enough, the great pandemic of racism has reared its ugly head once again through the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. It is not as if this issue disappeared for a season and came back in a new wave. Rather, those of […]

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Why Do We Baptize Babies If They Cannot Make a Profession of Faith?

Many people coming to Anglicanism stumble over infant baptism. They come for the beauty of the liturgy, the appreciation of both Word and Sacrament, of Scripture and Tradition. But for many, whether Baptist or not, infant baptism is a hang-up.

There are many good reasons for such worries and many good answers—including on this site (see here, here, and […]

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Here’s a Bookmarked, Easy-to-Navigate PDF of the ACNA’s New Catechism

As the Anglican Church in North America just recently announced, the PDF of the new “Approved” edition of the Catechism is now available.

Crossway will be publishing this edition of To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism in early 2020. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon here (affiliate link).

I’ve […]

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What Does It Mean to Believe in the “Communion of Saints”?

The Illustration

I remember the sermon illustration well.

A tightrope walker strings a tightrope across a gorge. He walks back and forth across the rope to the awe and delight of the audience. He then pushes a wheelbarrow back and forth. After that feat, he asks the astonished crowd, “Do you think I can do this with a person in the wheelbarrow?”

Everybody […]

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Want to Learn More about Catechesis? Check Out the 2019 Catechesis Colloquium

Deepening the Life of Faith: Catechesis as Mystagogy. A one-day conference with Hans Boersma – March 23, 2019 – Waco, TX

It’s a common misperception that catechesis only pertains to a certain kind of doctrinal “check-list,” where a new Christian learns the bare basics and then move on to more interesting things.

Such a view, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

In […]

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The Formational Power of Digital Habits: Practical Recommendations for Pastors

This post originally appeared at LeaderWorks.

A while ago, I wrote about the ‘Formation Gap in the Information Age.’

I’m troubled by the incredible formational power our technologies exert on us and how slow local churches have been to account for this in their discipleship. If we are not speaking to the digital habits of the people in the pews, […]

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What to Do after College? Check Out Brazos Fellowship

How do we invest in the future leaders of the church? What might it look like for local churches to help college graduates step into adulthood? How can we cultivate lasting habits in young women and men about to embark on their vocations of work and ministry?

These are the questions driving […]

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What is Catechesis?

The Ancient Roots of Catechesis

 The word catechesis comes from the Greek word katēcheō, which means simply to teach or instruct. It appears some eight times in the New Testament—four by Luke (Luke 1:4; Acts 18:25; 21:21, 24) and four by Paul (Rom. 2:18, 1 Cor. 14:19; Gal. 6:6, where it occurs twice)—usually to refer to a more general notion of […]

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Re-Evangelizing: Back to the Basics

Have you considered how dangerous it is to be a Christian? Perhaps not so much for us, but for millions of Christians around the world, the name of Jesus upon the lips of the believer can be life-threatening. From the earliest depictions of martyrdom, to the tragic reports of the victims of modern day terror, we see heroic accounts of what it […]

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Want Your Church to Grow?

So you want your church to grow, do you? 

Listen, I get it, every pastor wants their church to grow. And it’s not just selfish ambition, although there will always be some of that. On our best days, we know the hard work we put into preaching and pastoral care, in equipping our people to serve in […]

I’m Proud of My Humility

You may have heard the classic joke, “He won a badge for humility, but they took it away because he wore it.”

“Ironically self-deceived” would describe much of my inner life. I’ve felt like a failure many times. Other times, I’ve experienced envy at the success of others, or undue pride at my own successes. Anytime I’ve been told I am […]

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On Hearing Confessions

On Hearing Confessions

Let’s just face it, many Anglican priests today are ordained with little to no training in hearing confessions. Many attended seminaries in the Evangelical or Reformed traditions and for them, the practice is foreign. Many came into Anglicanism in churches which never emphasize it, and so, they have never really thought about it. After my last article was […]

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Anglicanism and the Benedict Option

The Anglican spiritual theologian Martin Thornton once remarked that “the genius of St Benedict cannot be confined within the walls of Monte Cassino or any other monastery.” In continuing a discussion of the so-called Benedict Option, and what it means for Anglicans, my suspicion, and what is becoming my conviction, is that we Anglicans hold to a tradition which […]

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Catechesis and the Benedict Option

In the last week, you may have heard the phrase “the Benedict Option.” It was coined by the Christian commentator Rod Dreher in reference to Alasdair MacIntyre’s assertion in his seminal work After Virtue that in the midst of ideological and moral confusion, we need a new Saint Benedict to build communities of ecclesial culture and learning. Many are saying […]

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5 Tips for New Pastors

You’ve finished seminary and been ordained. You’ve served an internship or associate pastor position. Now you are called to become the Rector (Senior Pastor) of a church. All of this has prepared you for your assignment, right? Well, lets hope! But as you get started, here are some tips to help steer the ship a bit. I’ve pulled some great advice […]

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A Sort Of Apology to Our Catechesis Task Force

Before I offer my “sort of” apology to the Catechesis Task Force of the ACNA, I should start with some background.

When I became a believer in the early 1970’s, it was through osmosis, in a way. I went to summer church camp. I attended church youth group. I believed in the church leaders and youth mentors that God put in my life. I […]

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Catechesis and Anglican Church Planting

A companion piece to Fr. Lee Nelson’s series on Catechism, and Canon Dan Alger’s article on sacramental church planting, by Dr. Winfield Bevins. 

What does Anglican church planting and catechesis have in common? The answer is a lot. As Fr. Lee Nelson recently and masterfully pointed out, Christians have used catechesis to teach the essentials of the faith for centuries. And Canon […]

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Catechesis 3: On Building a Culture

A series by Fr. Lee Nelson, special for Anglican Pastor. 

On Building a Culture of Catechesis

Wendell Berry, in his 1977 Book the Unsettling of America, argued that agribusiness was taking the practice of farming out of its cultural context and away from families. It was a prophetic work, and in the years since, we have seen continued decline in family farming […]

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