Our Church Speaks saints by Ben Lansing

Our Church Speaks: The Voice and Vision of Ben Lansing

Posted on June 13, 2024

If you have spent time on social media with enough other Anglicans, chances are you’ve come across Ben Lansing’s artwork. In a few short years, he has built up a collection of over 250 portraits called Our Church Speaks, inviting viewers to engage with the words and lives of saints from throughout the ages. His…

Memorize these Prayers

Posted on November 19, 2015

Learning to pray, especially throughout each day, involves memorizing a few prayers.  As we’ve discussed here at Anglican Pastor, each Christian should do so, so that we can have these words ready to guide us. This isn’t the only way to pray, but it is a foundation for our other prayers. Rote Prayers Jesus said…

Discovering The Daily Office

Posted on June 16, 2015

We are creatures of habit. We all have rhythms, routines, and rituals that make up our daily lives. Most of us wake up in the morning and drink a cup of coffee, brush our teeth, and read the newspaper. Or maybe we start the day off with a simple prayer and Bible reading. Routines and…

Love One Another

Posted on February 22, 2011

The early Christians tell us that St John, disciple of Jesus who wrote the Gospel, lived to be about 100 years old, and was living in Ephesus at the time of his death. We are told that as he became a very old man, he had to be carried into church. The people would plead…